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Routzz Revolutionizes Self-Guided Experiences for Outdoor Tour and Hospitality Operators

GetNews - Mon Mar 18, 4:44AM CDT
Routzz is transforming outdoor touring with its self-guided tour apps, designed to make sustainable travel accessible to all while prioritizing community support and environmental stewardship.

In an innovative leap forward for the outdoor tourism and hospitality industry, Routzz today announced the launch of its pioneering self-guided tour apps, aimed at transforming the way operators deliver travel experiences. Leveraging local expertise, Routzz crafts single or multi-day tours that offer customers seamless, personalized outdoor adventures with the convenience and safety of a digital guide.

Built on the acclaimed RidewithGPS platform, Routzz's custom apps require no customer signup, offering offline navigation and interactive routes directly through a simple QR code scan. This groundbreaking approach provides an immersive experience akin to having a private guide, coupled with the benefits of an additional sales channel, all at a cost-effective price point.

Co-founder Didi Greene highlights the company's commitment to excellence: “Through extensive feedback and research, we've refined our tours to ensure they embody the most memorable and unique outdoor experiences possible. Our goal is to enable travelers to explore confidently and deeply connect with their surroundings.”

Established in 2020 in Florida by Didi Greene, Eric Knowlton, and Martin Thompson, Routzz was born out of a necessity to adapt to the travel restrictions of Covid-19. Originally offering self guided bike tours, the company swiftly expanded its services in response to business demand for versatile, self-guided tour solutions across various outdoor activities.

Routzz's services cater to a wide array of outdoor tour operators, including walking, kayaking, scootering, driving, and biking ventures, as well as hotels and accommodations seeking to enhance their guests' exploratory options. Routzz delivers significant advantages to its partners:

-  Turn-key app creation, management and publishing service.
-  Easy customer download via QR code scan, without need to create user accounts.
-  An enhanced, guided-like customer experience without the risk of getting lost.
-  A sustainable alternative to paper maps, offering interactive, engaging tours.
-  Class leading pricing and dedicated support.

The integration of Routzz by ParkeBike, a premier ebike rental service, underscores the transformative impact of Routzz's solution. With Routzz, ParkeBike reduced customer handover times, achieved stellar reviews, improved operational efficiency, and saw a significant uptick in sales, demonstrating the tangible benefits of adopting self-guided tour technology.

Catherine Deffense, owner of ParkeBike, shares her enthusiasm: "Routzz has revolutionized our service delivery, markedly enhancing our customer satisfaction and distinguishing us in a competitive market. It's not just an app; it's a comprehensive service upgrade."

As Routzz continues to redefine outdoor travel, its innovative solutions promise to open new horizons for operators and adventurers alike, setting a new standard for the industry.

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