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The Ultimate Hack for Cheaper Gas: Discount Fuel Buyers Unveils Their Strategy

GetNews - Tue Apr 23, 11:44AM CDT

An aggregate fuel buying group originating from Canada is currently revolutionizing the way businesses and individual consumers purchase fuel & tires. Each of the National Fuel Retailers have nearly identical fuel savings programs for large trucking firms and national telecom fleets based on volume fuel purchases. Discount Fuel Buyers aims to aggregate their members' annual fuel spend, securing these big business discounts for all of it’s members! This company is considered a market disrupter - providing consumers & small business owners with the unique opportunity to access fuel discounts of .20 - .30 /litre in Canada and .85-$1.15/gallon in the USA at retail pump-cardlock-bulk delivery across North America typically reserved for big business. The start-up membership is free; simply pledge fuel & tire spend. They’ll do the rest!

It’s not a new subject of conversation: Runaway inflation has become an increasingly important concern for both small business businesses and individuals alike as they struggle to balance their budgets in the face of ongoing, almost daily fuel price hikes.  "In today's economic climate, our approach isn't just beneficial – it's essential," said Mark Mattison, President of Discount Fuel Buyers. "We're committed to empowering small businesses and everyday citizens with a revolutionary fuel & tire savings platform designed to reset the current discount model, geared towards Big Business.

With ambitious milestones set for the company, they state 120,000,000 Gallons in the USA & 30,000,000 litres in Canada are the industry recognized, fuel spend tipping points with the National Fuel Retailers. Discount Fuel Buyers is on a mission focused to spread their aggregated fuel buying group across North America, gaining over 6M gallons & 6M litres pledged to date in the USA & Canada respectively. Tire spend has taken off as well, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in tire spend being pledged to the group in Canada alone over the last six weeks! In other words: Real traction is being realized. This interest has lead to a meeting with a national tire retailer who is intrigued with the aggregate buying group model and saw the pathway to millions of dollars in tire sales.

To make participation accessible to all, the company offers free membership enrollment. Their innovative pricing structure is designed to align with member success: once a contract is negotiated, membership dues will be 10% of the annual savings, paid monthly.

For example, if a member saved $1,000 in fuel spend in a given year, the membership dues would only be $8.30 per month!

"As we continue to navigate the challenges of the modern economy, Discount Fuel Buyers remains dedicated to providing practical solutions that drive real results," Mattison added. "Our strategy isn't just about saving money – it's about fostering a more equitable and prosperous future for all."

If interested, sign up to save money on fuel and tires on their website:

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