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IBM watsonx Brings New Generative AI Capabilities to Masters Tournament Digital Platforms - Mon Apr 1, 11:00PM CDT

AI-powered Hole Insights and Spanish-language AI narration to further connect fans to one of golf's most iconic events.

ARMONK, N.Y., April 2, 2024 /CNW/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) and the Masters Tournament today announced several new fan features coming to the Masters app and digital experience for this year's event. Powered by generative AI capabilities built from watsonx – IBM's AI and data platform – fans this year will have access to shot-by-shot Hole Insights offering detailed, data-driven projections and analysis for each hole on course. In addition, IBM will release AI-enabled Spanish language narration as an expansion of its English-language AI Narration feature debuted in 2023.


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