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Sedona Spiritual Retreats For Couples, Private Emotional Healing Sessions Update

Plentisoft - Tue Mar 12, 10:20PM CDT

Sedona Soul Adventures ((928) 204-5988) has announced spiritual Couples Retreat Intensives for married and unmarried partners looking to reconnect and reinvigorate their relationships.

Sedona Soul Adventures now offers couples an opportunity to participate in an intensive four or five-day private retreat, custom-designed specifically for their needs. All couples retreats take into account the couples' interests, concerns, desired outcomes, and time availability.

Interested parties can learn more at

The company's Couples Retreat Intensives include private one-on-one and two-on-one sessions with Sedona’s Master Practitioners specialized in emotional healing work, Radiant Heart Healing, couples communication, integrated breathing techniques, and more. Many of these practitioners have over 20 years of experience working with couples.

Traditional couples retreats often take place in a group setting, with a pre-designed schedule and workshops created by a retreat presenter covering topics of their choice. While this type of retreat can be helpful, its predetermined nature restricts its potential to target and address each couple's unique issues and goals, Sedona Soul Adventures explains. As such, the company's Couples Retreat Intensives are custom-designed, in a drive to foster positive relationship transformation in a short period of time.

Sedona Soul Adventures has also been recently honored with the prestigious "Best of Sedona" award for Retreats for the fourth consecutive year. The Sedona Award Program annually recognizes local businesses that demonstrate exceptional resilience, innovation, and commitment to the community.

The Sedona Award Program celebrates the achievements of businesses that have made significant contributions to the local economy and the well-being of the community. Sedona Soul Adventures' continued success in this category highlights its role as a leader in the retreat industry and its positive impact on the Sedona community.

About Sedona Soul Adventures

Founded in Sedona in 2002, Sedona Soul Adventures is on a mission to transform the lives and relationships of individuals and couples. Along with its Couples Retreat Intensives, the company also offers Retreat Intensives for individuals, Sedona Soul Adventures is dedicated to working with and giving clients access to Sedona's healers, spiritual guides, teachers, and artists.

"The ultimate goal of our Couples Retreat Intensives is for you to leave with excitement about your relationship," said Debra Stangl, a former divorce attorney who is the Founder of Sedona Soul Adventures. "After spending time at a Sedona Couples Retreat Intensive, you should feel recharged and ready to tackle whatever it is life throws at you and your significant other. Everything is focused on you and your partner's specific needs and your spiritual transformations and awakenings."

Interested parties can learn more and book their Sedona Soul Adventures Couples Retreat Intensive by visiting

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