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Sofwave Introduces Pure Impact: Revolutionary Product Set to Transform Aesthetic Treatments in the US Market

Plentisoft - Sun May 12, 3:32AM CDT

Redefining Muscle Toning: Sofwave's Pure Impact Introduces the 4th Generation of Technology and Innovation in Aesthetic Enhancement.

Sofwave Medical Ltd, a leading innovator in energy-based, non-invasive aesthetic medical devices, proudly announces the US launch of Pure Impact, featuring PlyoPulse EMS ("electromagnetic stimulation") technology. Cleared by the FDA, Pure Impact by Sofwave introduces an innovative approach to muscle toning, revolutionizing aesthetic treatments in the United States.

Sofwave Plus Pure Impact represents a groundbreaking advancement in aesthetic technology, harnessing the power of PlyoPulse EMS to provide practitioners with a comprehensive solution for skin laxity improvement, lifting, and toning. This FDA-approved device integrates electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), stimulating muscle contraction through electric pulses transmitted by electrodes.

"Our introduction of Pure Impact muscle stimulator marks a significant milestone in the evolution of non-invasive aesthetic treatments," said a spokesperson at Sofwave Medical Ltd. "With Pure Impact, practitioners can achieve remarkable muscle strengthening and toning results, enhancing the overall patient experience."

Pure Impact's innovative technology simultaneously stimulates diverse muscle groups and body areas, optimizing efficiency and efficacy. Pure Impact targets muscles in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks by delivering precise electrical stimulation, offering patients a comprehensive solution for muscle toning and firming.

How Pure Impact Works in Muscle Toning:

The Pure Impact device generates electrical stimulation to contract muscles rhythmically, effectively strengthening and toning targeted muscle groups. Pure Impact achieves widespread responses throughout the nervous system by evoking muscle contractions through action potentials in intramuscular motor and sensory axons, enhancing sensorimotor function.

Key Features of Pure Impact utilizing PlyoPulse EMS Technology:

For Clinicians:

- Unique muscle toning and firming system stimulating multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

- PlyoPulse technology ensures controlled muscle stimulation in a concise 30-minute treatment, maximizing patient turnover and ROI.

- Next-generation wireless connectivity simplifies treatment, eliminating the need for gels, liquids, wires, or belts.

- Easy digital programming enables customizable treatment protocols without electrode rearrangement, ensuring uninterrupted sessions.

- Modular add-on to the Sofwave system, with up to 16 synchronized electrodes, delivers unparalleled muscle strengthening and toning efficiently.

For Patients:

- Simultaneous stimulation of diverse muscle groups and body areas for intense muscle strengthening and toning in one session.

- Compatible with Sofwave's SUPERB system or as a stand-alone treatment, offering precise energy delivery, efficacy, safety, and comfort.

About Sofwave Medical Ltd:

Sofwave Medical Ltd. pioneers innovative wrinkle reduction, lifting, and cellulite treatment solutions using proprietary technology. SUPERB, Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam technology, is FDA-cleared for various aesthetic applications, providing physicians with intelligent, effective, and safe solutions.

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