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Videoconferencing Etiquette. How Do You Make Yourself and Your Customers Comfortable During Online Meetings?

PressReach - Fri May 5, 1:48PM CDT

At a time when many business meetings, training sessions, and presentations are held online, the issue of virtual etiquette is becoming increasingly important. Adherence to the rules of savoir-vivre in the digital world is not only an expression of personal culture but also affects the quality and effectiveness of communication with clients and employees. Whether a videoconference involves only a few collaborators or board members, a certain etiquette always applies. Learn the rules to follow during virtual business meetings and how to avoid committing a faux pas.

Savoir-Vivre in the Virtual World

When working remotely and hybrid, videoconferencing has become an everyday occurrence. In addition to knowing how to use communication tools such as Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, the rules of savoir-vivre are also important. The ability to transfer the rules of etiquette to the virtual world demonstrates professionalism and affects the way we are perceived by the interlocutors. Remember that the adage “people judge you by your appearance” also applies to corporate videoconferencing

Videoconferencing in the Office – How To Find the Right Place?

The right room for videoconferencing is critical to the sound quality of the call. To facilitate communication, choose locations free from noise and other distractions. It’s also a good idea to avoid locations where there is reverberation. This problem can often be encountered in poorly arranged, large conference rooms, which makes good communication much more difficult. 

In an open-plan office, it is a good idea to use special Hushoffice acoustic booths that minimize background noise. HushAccess.L is a large soundproof booth that can successfully replace a conference room not only for online meetings but also for internal business meetings at the table or even recruitment interviews. This large conference pod will accommodate up to 6 people. The ability to hang a TV and the optimal placement of cameras and microphones makes it ready for professional quality business presentations and videoconferences. 

unnamed 78 1 Videoconferencing Etiquette. How Do You Make Yourself and Your Customers Comfortable During Online Meetings?

How To Prepare for Online Meetings?

Remote meetings, recruitments, webinars, or videoconferences have become a permanent part of many companies’ schedules. If you want them to run smoothly, it is worth preparing for them in advance. 

Invitation and Duration of the Video Interview

The organizer of an online business meeting has slightly more responsibilities than other participants. It is good practice to send videoconference invitations to participants several days in advance. In multinational corporations, when choosing a date, check the calendar and take into account holidays and days off in other countries. The invitation should also have the specific purpose of the videoconference and an approximate duration. 

Internet Connection Control and Equipment Preparation

You will not make a professional impression if the webcam or microphone does not work well when the meeting starts. To avoid such situations, make sure in advance that the necessary equipment is properly configured by conducting a test. It is also worth checking whether the Internet connection is good enough for video conferencing without interference. This will help you avoid unpleasant situations that spoil the course of the meeting.

unnamed 79 1 Videoconferencing Etiquette. How Do You Make Yourself and Your Customers Comfortable During Online Meetings?

Setting the Right Frame

Etiquette in video conferencing is not just a matter of maintaining the right tone during a conversation, business dress code or muting the microphone when not speaking. Good preparation for a meeting can go unnoticed if the room is too dark, making it difficult for our colleagues to see us. Attention should be paid to the background, which should be neat and calm, without unnecessary elements that may distract attention. Proper camera aiming is also important. It is a mistake to set it too high or low – meeting attendees should not just look at our forehead or chin. Ideally, the head and chest should be visible in the frame. 

Acoustic Booths – A Comfortable Place for Work and for Videoconferencing

The solution for even the smallest businesses is the hushHybrid one-person acoustic booth, which provides the right visual and acoustic backdrop for successful video calls. It has an integrated seat and an adjustable desk so you can work comfortably with a laptop. Occupying less than one square meter, it is a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to any size office. The light, in the form of side LED strips, perfectly illuminates the face, allowing for proper interpretation of facial expressions during videoconferencing. Because we present ourselves attractively, our self-confidence increases. In addition, efficient motion-sensor-activated ventilation, a single electrical outlet, and dual USB ports make the office booth create an extremely comfortable environment for work and virtual business meetings. 

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