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Top 3 Online Platforms to Write My Essay in the Canada and USA

PressReach - Thu May 11, 2023

Schools and colleges employ different techniques to teach students how to understand a topic and then master it. The flow of information starts with a lecture, or we can say from the teachers to the students. Ultimately, when they are well-taught in that area, they are asked by those teachers to write essays and research papers on the topic.

In schools, research papers and essays do not have many differences, except a change in tone and focus. However, college research papers and essays are far superior and intensive in terms of the process. Since students are hardly adapted to such a strenuous academic lifestyle, it is perfectly fine that they seek online paper writing sources for their assignments.

In this post, we will canvas the premise of writing a paper, why students are unable to write one, some of the best services for the purpose, and why they are the best.

Write My Essay For School & College

As mentioned in the previous section, a research paper in school is not different from an argumentative essay. It sets up a focal point at the beginning of the writing and then proves it in the main body using rudimentary arguments and evidence. Writing a paper in college requires a lot of practice and grit. There, students need to explore and interpret different phenomena through interpretation and argument-based fact-checking.

Another important element of writing a research paper is conducting independent and thorough research. Up to this point, students usually believe that “writing” an assignment strictly means writing it down. The reality is that it often takes more time to go through the pre-writing phase of the process than to write and proofread it.

Best Essay Writing Services In USA & Canada

Before we explore the reasons why students are unable to submit worthy papers on time, it is necessary to go through some of the best research paper writing services in North America. These are well-reputed and trusted brands in their domains, with thousands of satisfied clients and years of trust and commitment. We will start with the editor’s choice and then move on to other options. If you are in a hurry, you can pick the top company and get on with your paper. But, if you want to explore other options, you are always welcome to do that!

WriteMyEssay.Ca  – In the decade of its existence, WriteMyEssay.Ca has carved out a niche for itself as the premier essay and paper writing service for clients in the USA and Canada. The company was established with a clear vision of assisting students in writing and editing academic pieces with ease. Naturally, the focal point of the company is its team of academic writers who hold advanced degrees in their relevant fields and ample experience in writing for top institutions across the globe. Combined with dependable customer support and reasonable pricing, students cannot ask for more!

unnamed 33 1 Top 3 Online Platforms to Write My Essay in the Canada and USA

EssayBasics.Com Gaining up on the editor’s choice is another solid name in academic writing – EssayBasics.Com! The company is centered around writing and proofreading all kinds of academic writing for students. Again, it boosts a dedicated team of professionals equipped with tools and training to research, write, and edit unique papers for its clients. On top of that, the company maintains an active blog to share industry insights and best practices with readers, perhaps in a bid to make them better writers. 

unnamed 32 1 Top 3 Online Platforms to Write My Essay in the Canada and USA

EssayWritingService.Ca If the name is any indication, EssayWritingService.Ca is all about academic writing of the highest order. The company was formed with a vision of helping students who are stuck with their tough writing assignments. Like the top two names in the list, EWS also maintains an in-house team of masters of the craft to ensure quality and original papers reach their customers. The pricing for their services also matches that of the others. If you are ever in a pinch and need a paper quickly, EWS can easily help you with that!

Why Students Cannot Write High-Quality Essays

The academic life in the most competitive schools and colleges does not present much charm to average students. The days go by taking lectures and attending seminars and their nights are spent researching and writing papers for classes to merely pass the semesters. Since composing a research paper requires dedicated time and effort, many students find themselves unable to research, write, and edit one. In this section, we will explore some of the reasons why students find it too hard to go on and seek outside help.

Lack of Focus

Perhaps the most common issue with many writers is the lack of focus. The rise of social media applications and the overall interconnectivity of individuals lead to poor attention spans and dedication. First, students would always find it hard to set aside time for a single purpose – in this case, writing the assignment. Second, if they succeed in getting some time, they will be checking out notifications from social media or start scrolling through their feeds after every 5 to 7 minutes. This is the ultimate bane to defeat for students if they want to be able to write themselves.

Poor Training & Tools

Students in high schools and sophomores in colleges lack the training and tools to write solid research papers. This fact is even seconded by instructors and professors in academic institutions. Of course, there are outliers, students with exceptional writing flare and skills to string a couple of words together and create magic. Yet, a vast majority understand the concepts well and can apply them in practical scenarios, but they are unable to articulate them in a piece of writing. After getting assigned a task, there is no way they can quickly learn the craft and compose their papers.

unnamed 30 1 Top 3 Online Platforms to Write My Essay in the Canada and USA

Short Deadlines

Students are not the only ones to blame when they are unable to write. In many cases, schools and colleges do not only share the blame but even perpetuate and own it completely. We have observed that many institutions assign tasks at the last minute and then expect students to come up with original papers. Normally, they get a weekend to do all the heavy lifting. This timeline to collect data, write, and optimize the paper collides with their plans, leading to poor writing or late submission of the assignment.

Personal Commitments

There is no denying that the full-time job of a student is to study. However, there are other aspects of living that he needs to function well as a scholar. The free time from studies leads to relaxation and broadening of the mind, whereas continuous studying and writing lead to burnout later. When teachers assign tasks, such as writing lengthy papers in days, students can hardly find the motivation to do so. It is because they want to segregate their personal lives from studying and keep a safe distance between them.

Why Hiring Research Paper Writing Services Is A Great Idea

While going through the details of the best brands in the paper writing business, students should already know why hiring them is the right thing to do for their sake. Yet, we are ready to dive deeper into the matter and spell out things that make them so. 

This section is dedicated to helping students understand how the top online resources for writing make all the difference in their academic profiles and ultimate grades.

So, let’s get started!

Professional Academic Writers

This is a no-brainer when you choose an established writing brand. They are adamant and proud in recruiting and maintaining the top professionals in their fields. This is reflected in the quality of writing they deliver. The benefit for students in this is that they know about the academic culture and requirements of top schools and colleges. With minimal guidance, they can develop papers that can fetch exceptional grades for clients.

Standard Formatting & Editing

Paper writing is not about just spitting facts, it is about structuring the whole piece and articulating points in such a manner that a reader is convinced. When you get on with one of the companies suggested by our editorial team, you will get standard formatting and structuring of the paper for free. Instead of paying hefty sums for these things, they will bundle them up with your order. Also, you do not need to go through the paper if you don’t have Tom because they deliver a submission-ready paper – free of all errors and issues.

Guaranteed Plagiarism Free Work

Apart from a lack of focus and training, students are haunted by copied content. No matter how hard they try, they often end up with that in their finished papers. Then, it takes a lot of effort and hit and trial to get rid of that. On the other side, dedicated writers have no issue with that as they can develop riveting work for clients. The companies provide a money-back guarantee on that. However, they have yet to pay once in cases like these!

Quick Delivery Options

Sometimes, students need a paper fast and they cannot do that themselves, no matter how badly they want to. In these scenarios, these brands offer quick paper writing work. Normally, it takes them days to submit a paper, but if a student specifies the time initially in the order, they can accommodate such requests with ease, without compromising the quality and integrity of the product.

Competitive Pricing

Many students do not have spare cash lying around that they can pay writers. They need to make ends meet by managing their finances. Since college is always expensive, companies like WME and EWS offer competitive pricing. Instead of putting a dent in clients’ pockets, they try to forge lasting relations with them by demanding a nominal sum for excellent services. That’s the reason they have a majority of repeat or recommended clients.

Unlimited Revisions

Say you ordered a paper and received one before the deadline. Going through it, everything is fine at large, but you want something to be changed a little, perhaps something in tone, voice, or focus. Instead of doing that on your own, or paying extra for the service, the brands can do that and much more for free. They believe in satisfying the client and ensuring that they end up with the best quality writing.

Summing Up The Discussion

Writing research papers require a lot of factors, from spare time to the ability to unearth data and then use it meticulously in your text. Students often find it hard to take up such enormous tasks. Even when they do, they fall short halfway through and need assistance from the outside. In this resource, we have gone through the best paper writing brands that can help students in saving time, enjoy life, and still secure top grades in class.

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