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The Benefits of Booking a Taxi Online vs Calling a Taxi Company

Prodigy - Wed Jun 14, 2023
06/14/2023, Bath // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

The Benefits of Booking a Swindon Taxi Online vs Calling a Taxi Company
The Benefits of Booking a Swindon Taxi Online vs Calling a Taxi Company

Booking a cab through a website or taxi app is considerably more convenient than sitting in a call queue, listening to an endlessly engaged tone, or needing to try and hail a taxi – particularly if you're in a rush, need to get to an appointment, or are panicking about missing a train!

However, online bookings are also beneficial for countless other reasons, from traceability, helping recover lost property, and clarity, where there is no potential for misunderstandings or confusion.

SWOOP, the fully digital app-based Swindon taxi service, explains why it advocates for online bookings and the varied advantages for drivers, customers, and corporate clients.

Practical Reasons to Book a Taxi Online

Taxi apps and web-based browsers are immediately available and always on. You don't need to wait for somebody to answer the call and can see straight away if a taxi is free and how long it’s going to take to reach your pick-up point.

The vast majority of people use a smartphone, so booking online and having the SWOOP taxi app pre-installed on your phone means you can order a taxi from anywhere and at any time. Even areas with poor mobile signal coverage normally have 3G, which means you won't find yourself stranded if you can't get a signal.

Our app is free to download and compatible with all operating systems, so you have a cab-call app in your pocket at all times, ready whenever you are. Making an online booking is a great option, especially when:

  • You are travelling somewhere unfamiliar and don’t know the name of the road or your postcode – GPS signals can pinpoint your location for you.
  • There is the potential for confusion due to a distorted phone connection. Booking through an app means you can take your time, check the date, time, and location are correct, and edit your taxi request should you need to.

If you book taxis regularly, your locations can be saved in the app as favourites, so you won’t need to do anything except tap your favourites, reducing the time you need to spend ordering transport.

Tracking Lost Property Through a Cab Booking App

Lost property is far more common than you might imagine! It’s all too easy for a wallet to slide out of your pocket, for a child to drop a treasured possession, or to forget one of your bags of shopping when it's raining, and you're hurrying indoors.

Ordering your taxi online means you have a clear record of every trip you have taken, from and to which addresses, and with which driver, which makes it significantly easier for us to help recover any missing belongings.

Even if you have all the information about your journey, it’s often very difficult to try and work out which vehicle was dispatched for each trip when you have booked a cab over the phone, so online app-based bookings reduce the likelihood of losing something.

All SWOOP drivers are trustworthy, experienced and thoroughly vetted, so you have the assurance that, if they do discover any lost property, they will keep it safe or return it to head office so it can be reunited with its owner.

Online Bookings for Taxi Passenger Safety

Personal safety is always an essential factor for anybody using public transport, particularly so for passengers travelling alone or late at night. Making a booking online provides you with information about your taxi, so you know:

  • Exactly where will the cab arrive to collect you.
  • The vehicle make, model and number plate.
  • The name of the driver.

Ordering a taxi in this way is an excellent safety precaution and ensures you only ever get into a licensed, registered cab driven by a responsible driver - with zero doubt about whether a car that pulls up has been sent by your taxi firm.

Another safety-related factor is that when you book a taxi online, you can advise whether you have any specific requirements, such as needing an accessible cab, a taxi with space to accommodate a wheelchair, or would like to notify your driver if you have impaired vision or need any other help.

Monitoring Taxi Account Activity

SWOOP clients often book several trips per week, and keeping track of your journeys, spending, and account is useful.

Whether you’re monitoring your personal expenditure or need to produce receipts to claim back your travel expenses, an app or website allows you to check and verify all trips taken.

The Convenience of Online Cab Booking Systems

While we’ve explained some of the many positive reasons to book a cab online, most customers prefer this option simply because it is faster, easier, more reliable and accessible.

Once you’ve booked your taxi, you can check the information in your account, and ensure your travel requirements are taken care of well in advance, without any concern about a late cab meaning you miss a connection or turn up late to an important meeting.

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About SWOOP Taxis

SWOOP is a fast, friendly, and stress-free taxi service operating taxis in Bath, taxis in Swindon and taxis in Chippenham. Order your local cab via the app and have the full control of paying the driver direct. All drivers accept credit, debit cards and cash paid direct to them at the end of your journey.


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