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GAFM and Commissioner George Mentz Expand Wealth Management Education and Certification Worldwide

Prodigy - Fri Apr 5, 4:39PM CDT
04/05/2024, Colorado Springs, CO // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Commissioner George S. Mentz announces new Wealth Management Certification Courses globally from GAFM. The GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management ® is expanding its wealth management CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ® Certification programs worldwide. New certification programs will be available this year in Beijing, UAE Dubai, Jeddah KSA, South Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore), Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Italy, and online e-learning.

Commissioner George S. Mentz, JD MBA CWM CILS is an internationally acclaimed author, lawyer, and speaker, has been at the forefront of wealth management education for over 25 years and will teach both VIP Courses and Law School courses this year in the USA and abroad. His pioneering work in online graduate wealth management education and qualifications has transformed the industry, empowering countless professionals to excel in their careers with professional development and skills qualifications. Recently, Commissioner Mentz won Influencer Awards in FinTech, Wealth Management, Management, HR, & Project Management. Mentz is an award-winning author of over 100 books and hundreds of published articles in the areas of economics, wealth management, success, and executive function.

A Trailblazer in Wealth Management Education:

· GAFM has new offices in Beijing and Hong Kong this Year.

· With a Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD) in Civil Law, an International Law Diploma, and an MBA Degree in International Business, George Mentz possesses a unique blend of legal acumen and financial expertise as a former Wall St. Firm Wealth Management Advisor to the super-rich.

· As global founder of the CWMChartered Wealth Manager ® programs, Counselor Mentz has consistently demonstrated his commitment to excellence and innovation in wealth management education.

· Accreditations — His wealth management educational and training programs over the years have received prestigious accreditations and licenses, including SIS Sanction, TUV, ESQ, ISO 29990, ISO 21001, ISO 29993, ISO 9001, and even State Bar Accreditation for Continuing Education. Notably, he was the first in the world to establish legal articulation standards agreements directly with the CHEA, ECLBS, QAHE,ACBSP and others on credentialing standards in various diplomatic accords and standards agreements with executives in over 20 nations. Over the years, Mentz’s certification programs have even achieved various governmental recognitions in esteemed financial centers of the world such as: India, China, and the UAE.

Government Commissioner and Community Impact: Commissioner George Mentz’s influence extends beyond academia. He currently serves as a government commissioner in critical areas:

o Transportation (Airport Commission): His decisions impact millions of travelers, ensuring efficient and safe air travel.

o Law Enforcement — Police and Fire Commission for Civil Service and Uniformed Officers: His leadership may directly affect public safety and the well-being of millions of citizens and tourists.

· Leading Charity — As a member of the TRE Board of Directors, they invest $20–25 million annually into families within their community and region, fostering healing, essential skills, growth, and prosperity.

· White House Commissioner — As a Commissioner and Judge for the federal Presidential Scholars program in the USA, Mentz assessed 100s of top candidates from around the nation and world for the prestigious Gold Medal Awards.

Excellence in Wealth Management at America’s Premier Law Schools:

· George Mentz’s expertise will continue to enrich the Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program at one of America’s top-rated graduate law schools: Texas A&M Law which is ranked “Top Tier USA”.

· Mentz’s courses at the law school and for CWM executive VIP programs are designed for post-juris doctorate students and executives which will cover advanced wealth management strategies, legal implications, and ethical considerations.

· Students can expect unparalleled insights from a practitioner who has not only studied wealth management but also lived it. As a Counselor and Attorney, Mentz was a former bank officer and licensed Wealth Management advisor for a Wall Street Firm earning various Law Licenses in LA, Federal Courts CO/LA, and NASD licenses of Series 7, 63, and 65 with a clean U5 record of performance.

· Mentz has recently won professorial teaching excellence recognition from students and veteran groups.

Financial Literacy for Youth in Africa, India, and Asia

· WML Mentz is the founder of WML Wealth Management Literacy ™- Comm’r George Mentz has created special wealth management literacy programs for professionals and youth in various regions around the world.

· Mentz dedicated $101 Million to Benefits in educational programs, books, qualifications, learning, videos, and instruction to those in need.

· Charitable Outreach — Mentz has worked directly with charitable organizations and religious leaders to distribute these programs.

· E-Learning Pioneer — As an online education leader, Mentz supported e-learning Pioneer Prof. William Byres IV in his establishment of America’s first fully online LLM program with wealth management courses and curriculums that were the also the first to be reviewed and acquiesced by the ABA to be used as USA accredited law school graduate courses.

· International Award-Winning Author — Mentz is an internationally known award-winning professor and author of over 100 books and audiobooks. George Mentz: books, biography, latest update

International Standards for Wealth Management

As an attorney and educator with a Juris Doctor Degree and an MBA, Comm’r Mentz’s has strived for excellence over the last 25 years having taught and designed over 300 business, law school, ethics, and graduate courses also advising major accredited graduate schools worldwide. Commissioner Mentz’s recent consultative roles encompass global institutions such as the International Association of Credential Evaluation Professionals, the ASTM Accreditation and Certification Committee for the American Society for Testing and Materials, and the UNSAC United Nations System’s Academic Council. Beyond that, Mentz has recently served The Loyola University Alumni Board of Directors, and the TRE Resource Exchange Board of Directors which spends over $20 Million dollars per year helping families in the Colorado region. As for international legal scholarship and leadership, Prof. Mentz has been appointed Chancellor for the WAC Worldwide Anglican Church directly by its Patriarch. In addition, Mentz’s heritage, proudly embracing Sicilian, Egyptian, Arabic, Hispanic, Eurasian, French, German, Scottish, Native American, Dravidian, and Irish ancestries, further enriches his diverse background and comprehensive worldview.

Quotes from George S. Mentz:

“Wealth management is not just about numbers; it’s about empowering individuals to make informed decisions utilizing the totality of data that shapes their family and business financial futures.”

“Education is the cornerstone of progress. By sharing WML Wealth Management Literacy, we elevate the entire world.”

About George S. Mentz: George S. Mentz JD MBA CILS CWM Chartered Certified Wealth Manager® is a prolific author, a sought-after speaker, and a tireless advocate for excellence in wealth management. His 30 year legacy is one of innovation, integrity, and international impact. Mentz is an active member of several boards and commissions for universities, governments, and private organizations worldwide. Chancellor Mentz is also the Seigneur of the Fief Blondel which is one of the oldest surviving Island Lordships and Noble Fiefs in the world today that is recognized in the Royal Courts and International Law. Further, the ancient Fief Blondel is one of the last private fiefs in the world to have its own foreshore, territorial waters, seasted, seabed, maritime rights, rock islands, and extended maritime rights. As for charitable efforts, Mentz has also secured the lordship rights to the Ennerdale Forest and Valley as a conservation effort to protect UNESCO Heritage Sites.

About GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management®: The GAFM has members in over 150 nations with offices on all major continents offering accredited certification programs worldwide. The GAFM is the first in the world to work directly with Business School Accreditation Bodies and Law Schools to heighten standards for professional designations, board certifications, and skills certifications. CWM CHARTERED CERTIFIED WEALTH MANAGER ® is a registered Trademark in the EU.

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