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WhatsApp To Enable Messaging During Internet Blackouts

Yolowire - Mon Jan 9, 7:17AM CST

Instant-messaging service %WhatsApp will allow users to remain connected to proxy servers and stay online in the event that the internet is blocked or temporarily shutdown.

The technology company, which is owned by %MetaPlatforms ($META), said it was inspired to enable its messaging service to continue during an internet blackout after such an event recently occurred in Iran.

WhatsApp is urging its global community to volunteer proxies to help people communicate freely and said it would offer guidance on how to set up a proxy server.

People in countries such as Iran, where governments may restrict internet access, can use proxy servers to stay connected to WhatsApp and the rest of the internet.

Canada also suffered a major internet blackout last year that was due to a major technical problem at one of the country’s leading online service providers.

Meta Platforms’ stock is down 60% over the last year at $130.02 U.S. per share.

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