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China Failed to Hurt Apple's iPhone 15 Launch: Now What?

Baystreet - Mon Sep 18, 2023
In the weeks preceding Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone and Watch announcement, the Chinese government encouraged the advertising of the Huawei Mate phone. It also coincided with the G20 meeting. Coincidentally, France warned that the iPhone 12, three years after its launch, has high radiation levels.

France’s measure of specific absorption rates (SAR) on the iPhone 12 led it to issue a health warning. If anything, the findings will encourage users to sell the device and upgrade to the latest iPhone 15.

In Asia, China claimed that Huawei could still achieve a smartphone refresh despite the U.S. blocking the country from buying advanced chips. Unfortunately, an outdated processor powers the latest Mate device. The country’s government then reportedly issued a ban on iPhone devices. Restricting Chinese government staff from using an iPhone sends a message to the West. China could ban the use of other American-branded goods like Tesla vehicles.

In the end, the reported bans will not hurt iPhone sales. The device is the most beloved smartphone. People will pay a premium for using the Apple ecosystem and secure operating system.

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