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Blackline Safety Corp(BLN-T)

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Blackline Safety: Top 25 Performing Stocks Year-to-Date on Toronto Stock Exchange (BLN)

The Globe and Mail - Tue Jul 18, 2023
Top 25 Stock Gainers Year to Date

Blackline Safety is among the group of top performing stocks year-to-date on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This means each stock on this list has seen its share price grow at a faster rate than the rest of the market so far this year.

This report is generated monthly. It highlights the 25 companies with the greatest percentage increase in share price year-to-date. Stocks in this category are generally held for appreciation or speculation. Companies experiencing dramatic increases in share price can do so for a variety of reasons – including bullish changes in sector outlook, potential corporate takeover, or the company has restructured and earnings are better than expected.




Total Return

VLN-TVelan IncYTD138.577
SHOP-TShopify IncYTD88.407
XTRA-TXtract One Technologies IncYTD76
KITS-TKits Eyecare LtdYTD99.627
GLG-TGLG Life Tech CorpYTD66.667
CDR-TCondor Energies IncYTD229.73
BITF-TBitfarms LtdYTD323.214
BLN-TBlackline Safety CorpYTD96.133
TNZ-TTenaz Energy CorpYTD65.116
TRZ-TTransat A.T. IncYTD67.687
DCM-TDATA Communications Management CorpYTD105.517
SHLE-TSource Energy Services LtdYTD233.862
HPS-A-THammond Power Solutions IncYTD178.082
CXB-TCalibre Mining CorpYTD91.111
GLXY-TGalaxy Digital Holdings LtdYTD66.15
IFA-TiFabric CorpYTD77.922
HUT-THut 8 Mining CorpYTD330.172
WELL-TWELL Health Technologies CorpYTD68.662
WFC-TWall Financial CorpYTD64.444
FLOW-TFlow Beverage CorpYTD139.474
EPRX-TEupraxia Pharmaceuticals IncYTD137.808
SMT-TSierra Metals IncYTD66.667
DRX-TADF Group IncYTD81.905
ONC-TOncolytics Biotech IncYTD66.216
XAM-TXanadu Mines LtdYTD200

More about Blackline Safety Corp

Blackline Safety Corp is a connected safety monitoring technology company. The company develops, manufactures, and markets products and services that empower businesses with real-time safety insights to manage emergency responses, evacuations, and gas detection compliance programs.

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