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Blackline Safety Corp(BLN-T)

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Blackline Safety: Top 25 Performing Stocks Year-to-Date on Toronto Stock Exchange (BLN)

AI-generated - The Globe and Mail - Wed Dec 6, 2023

Blackline Safety Corp is among the group of top performing stocks year-to-date on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This means each stock on this list has seen its share price grow at a faster rate than the rest of the market so far this year.

This report is generated monthly. It highlights the 25 companies with the greatest percentage increase in share price year-to-date. Stocks in this category are generally held for appreciation or speculation.

Companies experiencing dramatic increases in share price can do so for a variety of reasons – including bullish changes in sector outlook, potential corporate takeover, or the company has restructured and earnings are better than expected.

SymbolNameTotal ReturnPeriod
BITFBitfarms Ltd375YTD
HPS.AHammond Power Solutions Inc298.807157YTD
SHLESource Energy Services Ltd260.31746YTD
CDRCondor Energies Inc259.459459YTD
SMTSierra Metals Inc216.666667YTD
GLXYGalaxy Digital Holdings Ltd162.273902YTD
DRXADF Group Inc149.047619YTD
CLSCelestica Inc141.546527YTD
MGAMega Uranium Ltd117.5YTD
SHOPShopify Inc116.081685YTD
BLNBlackline Safety Corp112.154696YTD
KITSKits Eyecare Ltd105.223881YTD
CCOCameco Corp102.899967YTD
XAMXanadu Mines Ltd100YTD
HMM.AHammond Manufacturing Co Ltd99.029126YTD
EEnterprise Group Inc97.402597YTD
MCBMcCoy Global Inc96.842105YTD
FTGFiran Technology Group Corp92.765957YTD
QFORQ4 Inc87.227414YTD
TNZTenaz Energy Corp86.976744YTD
CRDLCardiol Therapeutics Inc86.956522YTD
CMGComputer Modelling Group Ltd80.789022YTD
MDAMDA Ltd78.90625YTD
DHT.UDRI Healthcare Trust78.530756YTD
BDIBlack Diamond Group Ltd75.569358YTD

All data provided as of December 06, 2023.

More about Blackline Safety Corp

Blackline Safety Corp is a connected safety monitoring technology company. The company develops, manufactures, and markets products and services that empower businesses with real-time safety insights to manage emergency responses, evacuations, and gas detection compliance programs.

Blackline Safety Corp is listed under BLN on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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