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7 Amazing Costco Buys for Under $20

Motley Fool - Sat May 27, 7:00AM CDT

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In my house, we're always looking for ways to save money on groceries without sacrificing the quality of our meals. So for us, one of the main personal finance appeals of Costco is the ability to get quality store-brand items at a good price.

At the same time, Costco's deals are only deals if they're for things we can use up before it goes bad. Here are some of the best deals under $20 worth picking up on your next Costco grocery run.

1. Kirkland Signature butter: $10.99 to $11.99

Whether you're smearing it on bread or adding it to baked goods, the quality of your butter can make a big difference. Costco offers several varieties of Kirkland Signature butter, including organic and grass-fed options:

  • Grass fed: $10.99 for four 8 oz. packages
  • Salted butter quarters: $11.79 for four 1 lb. packages
  • Unsalted butter quarters: $11.79 for four 1 lb. packages
  • Organic salted butter quarters: $11.99 for two 1 lb. packages

2. Kirkland Signature Colombian Supremo coffee: $19.99

A lot of coffee drinkers would rather pay more than drink bad coffee. Thankfully, the Costco house brand is known for its quality products -- coffee included. A 3-pound package of the popular Colombian Supremo comes in just under $20. If you assume an average of 30 cups of coffee per pound, then you're looking at 90 cups of coffee per package at about $0.22 per cup. Compare that to, say, a $3 cup at a coffee shop -- or even a $1 cup at a fast food joint -- and you can add a few hundred bucks a year to your bank account.

3. Kirkland Signature sharp cheddar cheese: $16.99

In my family, cheese goes on just about everything, so we go through it at a good clip. Costco's Kirkland Signature shredded sharp cheddar cheese comes in 2.5-pound bags, and you can get two of them for $16.99. That'll get you through a lot of taco nights.

4. Kirkland Signature frozen chicken tenderloins: $17.99

Boneless, skinless chicken tenders are a great choice for all kinds of dishes, from battered and fried to grilled and chucked in a salad. A 6-pound bag of Kirkland Signature frozen chicken tenders will cost you just $17.99, or around $3 a pound. They can even be cooked from frozen, with no need to thaw.

5. Kirkland Signature plant-based milks: $8.59 to $16.89

Despite the "controversy" about the milk moniker, plant-based milks are more popular than ever. Costco's Kirkland Signature line has a few different kinds, all at a pretty good price:

  • Vanilla Soy: $16.89 for twelve 32 oz. cartons
  • Organic oat: $11.99 for six 32 oz. cartons
  • Unsweetened almond: $12.99 for twelve 32 oz. cartons
  • Organic unsweetened vanilla almond: $8.59 for six 32 oz. cartons

6. Kirkland Signature organic maple syrup: $12.99

Real maple syrup kicks that synthetic stuff's rear end. But it's a lot more expensive at the regular grocery store. Costco's Kirkland Signature organic 100% Pure Grade A Amber Rich maple syrup can be found for just $12.99 per liter in store. While you'll probably want to put this stuff on everything, you don't have to hurry to get through it. Properly stored, maple syrup has a more or less indefinite shelf life.

7. Kirkland Signature honey: $15.99 to $16.99

Few things compare to quality honey on your biscuits or in your tea. The specific types of honey in your local club may vary, but in general, you can find:

  • Kirkland Signature Wild Flower Honey: $16.99 for one 5 lb. container
  • Kirkland Signature organic raw honey: $15.99 for three 24 oz. bear-shaped containers

Even if you don't go through honey very quickly, it's worth a buy from Costco. It essentially never goes bad (when stored properly), so your honey will keep as long as it takes.

Don't forget your rewards card

While Costco is already full of deals, you can boost your savings by making sure to grab your favorite rewards credit card. Just don't forget that Costco only accepts Visa credit cards!

Writer's Note: These prices were accurate for my local club at the time of writing, but prices may vary depending on your region or time of year. Some of these items may be available online for delivery, but Costco charges a significant upcharge -- on top of the delivery fee -- for online orders, so those prices will be much higher.

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