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Small Pharma Inc(DMT-X)
TSX Venture

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Small Pharma DMT:TSX is trading at less than cash value.

The Globe and Mail - Thu Jun 30, 2022
Stocks Trading at Less than Cash Value

Small Pharma is among the group of TSX Venture Exchange companies currently trading at less than cash value. This means companies whose current share price is less than the cash per share on their balance sheet or stocks with more cash than market cap.

Stocks in this category are held primarily for speculation.

Today we are looking at companies trading at less than cash value. We also show the value of cash net debt per share to show how much cash per share would be left if the debt was paid off. Companies can have more cash per share than the actual share price for a number of reasons including that they just raised capital, are in industries that experience high burn rates and will eat through the cash quickly or there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of the company. Companies earning a positive net income will have a PE Ratio greater than zero and are worth exploring in more detail. Today's data is for companies listed on the .



Close Price

Shares Outstanding



Cash per Share

Net Cash per Share

JEC-XJura Energy0.0669,07647.5770.2520.09-0.09
LUCK-XReal Luck Group0.11568,78100.6430.180.18
PCO-XPhoenix Canada Oil Co0.855,02921.250.4951.240.21
ACE-H-XACE Aviation Holdings0.1632,475000.22.19
CHN-XChina Education Resources0.0247,36418.21300.030
CLI-H-XClearford Water Systems0.015102,027000.02-0.63
LVX-XLeviathan Gold0.0599,72301.0210.050
REBL-XGenesis Acquisition0.053,65000.5940.080
DMT-XSmall Pharma0.1320,53700.780.13-0.01
COLL-P-XCollingwood Resources0.31,24300.810.370
HVG-XHarvest Gold0.0435,76500.4290.060
IGP-XImperial Ginseng Products0.857,3914.8240.4940.960.95
PXI-XPlanet Ventures0.0555,38200.4030.070.07
MAP-XMaple Peak Investments0.01559,00000.2210.030
RET-XReitmans (Canada)148,8671.4080.2671.730.52
JE-H-XJust Energy Group0.3748,078003.65-9.32
CRC-XCaribbean Resources0.005000848.87-68,691.32
KUB-XCub Energy0.02314,2150.5660.6960.030.02
AFR-XAFR NuVenture Resources0.0518,03800.7350.07-0.35
REYG-XReyna Gold0.1466,75600.8670.140
RET-A-XReitmans (Canada)0.7948,8671.1130.2111.730.52
FRDY-XFridays Dog Holdings0.0991,46900.7840.10

More about Small Pharma

Small Pharma Inc is a neuropharmaceutical company. It is committed towards the development of effective therapeutic treatments for mental health disorders. Small Pharma is developing N,N-dimethyltryptamine and a pipeline of novel patent-protected deuterium-enriched tryptamine compounds in combination with psychotherapy as potential rapid onset, sustained treatments for depression and other mental health disorders.

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