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Greenlane Renewables Inc(GRN-T)

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Greenlane Renewables: Top 10 Undervalued Industrials Sector Stocks on TSX (GRN)

AI-generated - The Globe and Mail - Wed Jul 26, 6:13AM CDT

Greenlane Renewables is now ranked among the top 10 undervalued stocks in the Industrials sector on the Toronto Stock Exchange. A stock is considered undervalued if it trades at a discount to its valuation – a calculation used to determine the intrinsic (true) worth of a company. Valuation methodology provided by Stockcalc (see below). The industrials sector contains aerospace and defense companies as well as those that manufacture machinery, tools or industrial products.

All data provided as-at market close July 24, 2023. The list is sorted by stocks with the greatest percentage difference between valuation and price. Greenlane Renewables Greenlane Renewables Inc is a provider of biogas upgrading systems. Its systems produce clean, renewable natural gas from organic waste sources, including landfills, wastewater treatment plants, dairy farms, and food waste, suitable for either injection into the natural gas grid or for direct use as vehicle fuel. The company generates revenue in the form of System sales and Aftercare services. The company has its geographic presence in Canada, Europe and United States and Others. Greenlane Renewables is listed under GRN on the Toronto Stock Exchange.



Close Price

Shares Outstanding



Cash per Share

Net Cash per Share

CUB-TCubicFarm Systems0.0400000
PYR-TPyroGenesis Canada0.8200000
BLDP-TBallard Power Systems5.9400000
GRN-TGreenlane Renewables0.2800000
BUI-TBuhler Industries2.1021000
CHR-TChorus Aviation3.26029.6000
LPEN-TLoop Energy0.5600000
BBU-UN-TBrookfield Bus Partners23.73018.5000
SFI-TSolution Financial0.290290000

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