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Indiva Ltd(NDVA-X)
TSX Venture

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Indiva: Bottom 25 Performing Stocks Year-to-Date on TSX-V (NDVA)

AI-generated - The Globe and Mail - Wed Aug 2, 7:26PM CDT
Top 25 Stock Decliners Year to Date

Indiva is among the group of bottom performing stocks year-to-date on the TSX Venture Exchange. This means each stock on this list has seen its share price decrease at a faster rate than the rest of the market so far this year.

This report is generated monthly. It highlights the 25 companies with the greatest percentage decrease in share price year-to-date. Stocks in this category are generally sold to preserve capital or held for speculation. Companies experiencing dramatic increases in share price can do so for a variety of reasons – including bearish changes in sector outlook, or the company is experiencing financial difficulties generally due to an inability to service its debt.




Total Return

DTG-H-XDynamic Technologies Group IncYTD-93.182
NLTA-H-XEnlighta IncYTD-76.923
DME-XDesert Mountain Energy CorpYTD-82.671
SQD-XSQI Diagnostics IncYTD-87.5
ENRG-XNew Energy Metals CorpYTD-85.714
CUCO-XAfrican Energy Metals IncYTD-88.889
BTI-XBioasis Technologies IncYTD-80
GCCC-H-XGCC Global Capital CorpYTD-95
ALTN-P-XAltina Capital CorpYTD-79.365
SLHG-XSkylight Health Group IncYTD-93.939
VIV-XAvivagen IncYTD-81.25
CBAR-P-XCastlebar Capital CorpYTD-78.947
SMAR-P-XSmartset Services IncYTD-78.846
JRV-XJervois Global LtdYTD-75.893
MKT-XDeepMarkit CorpYTD-88.214
SN-H-XSennen Potash CorpYTD-84.444
XND-XXander Resources IncYTD-77.778
DPCC-P-XDeal Pro Capital CorpYTD-90
NDVA-XIndiva LtdYTD-76.19
WCE-XWescan Energy CorpYTD-75.758
BOCA-XBocana Resources CorpYTD-86.833
ALPS-U-XAlpine Summit Energy Partners IncYTD-89.378
HIRE-XHire Technologies IncYTD-83.333
SNYB-XShiny Health & Wellness CorpYTD-80
TEA-XTearlach Resources LtdYTD-95.494

More about Indiva Ltd

Indiva Ltd sets the standard for quality and innovation in cannabis. As a Canadian licensed producer, the company produces and distributes award-winning cannabis products nationally, including Bhang Chocolate, Wana Sour Gummies, Slow Ride Bakery Cookies, Jewels Chewable Tablets, Ruby Cannabis Sugar, Sapphire Cannabis Salt, as well as capsules, pre-rolls and premium flower under the INDIVA and Artisan Batch brands.

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