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Xtm Inc(PAID-CN)

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XTM Achieves a New Daily Onboarding Peak of 78 Locations to its Today Financial™ Program in a Single Day

Business Wire - Wed Mar 15, 2023

XTM Inc. (“XTM” or the “Company”) (QB: XTMIF / CSE:PAID / FSE:7XT), a Miami and Toronto-based Fintech creator of disruptive payment innovations and staff management solutions to inspire today’s workers in the hospitality, personal care and service space set a new record for number of service businesses and staff members onboarded to their Today program within a 24-hour period. A Hair Salon Franchised Network, considered as the destination for hair services and professional hair products, tasked XTM with getting 78 of their locations onboarded to the program simultaneously. Through continuous enhancements and achievements in automating the onboarding process, XTM’s best-in-class team successfully achieved this new record.

“Automation is key to scaling our business,” said Marilyn Schaffer, CEO, XTM. “We want to do right by every client, and especially for a new brand as broad and deep as this one. We look forward to announcing their brand once they have experienced a few payment cycles. We are up for the challenge as demonstrated by our recent daily peak, which proves our ability to grow quickly.”

The Company just recently provided a corporate update, shedding light into newly launched ancillary revenue streams that already have market traction. For more information on the corporate update, please access it here: XTM Corporate Update.

About XTM

XTM,, is a Miami and Toronto-based fintech innovator founded in the cloud-banking space and further helping businesses inspire their workforce in the hospitality, personal care and services staffing industries. Established as a leader in on-demand pay with many large brands including Earls, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Cactus Club, Marriott Hotels and Live Nation, XTM continues to innovate with further digital featurization to support businesses to inspire workers to want to work more with shift scheduling and call-outs, staff management, expense management, in-app health and financial wellness; and gamified loyalty programs. XTM's Today Financial™ is in use through POS and Payroll integrations and directly through web-portals by thousands of businesses and their workers across Canada and the United States.

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