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Skylight Health Group Inc(SLHG-X)
TSX Venture

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Skylight Health Group: Stocks Undervalued by Analyst Consensus on TSX-V (SLHG)

The Globe and Mail - Fri Oct 21, 2022
Undervalued Stocks

Skylight Health Group is among the group of undervalued stocks on the TSX Venture Exchange. This means the consensus value for each stock on this list is above its current price.

This report is generated monthly. It provides the close price and target price for these companies along with the number of analysts covering the stock. Also included is the fiscal year for the target price as sometimes these analyst targets are not for the current or even the next fiscal year. Stocks in this category are held primarily for capital appreciation. There may be a number of reasons why a company would be on this list. Companies with a large analyst following with a difference in price versus target are worth exploring in more detail.



Close Price

Target Year

Target Price Mean


Target Price Number of Estimates

QIPT-XQuipt Home Medical Corp7.442,02211.956CAD7
FCA-U-XFirm Capital Apartment REIT7.642,02110.666CAD1
FIL-XFilo Mining Corp8.882,02113.5CAD7
HITI-XHigh Tide Inc9.092,02217.5CAD2
NGEN-XNervGen Pharma Corp2.062,0216CAD1
SLHG-XSkylight Health Group Inc3.952,0217.6CAD4
ODV-XOsisko Development Corp5.252,02111CAD3
AMC-XArizona Metals Corp3.962,0218.167CAD3
PVT-XPivotree Inc5.382,02111.875CAD4
CNC-XCanada Nickel Co Inc2.792,0226.075CAD2
TTR-XTitanium Transportation Group Inc3.082,0216.083CAD3
SJR-A-XShaw Communications Inc372,02240.5CAD8
NEXE-XNEXE Innovations Inc0.832,0225.25CAD1
MTA-XMetalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd9.132,02114CAD4
LA-XLos Andes Copper Ltd72,02216CAD1
BSR-XBluestone Resources Inc1.42,0214.5CAD4
GBR-XGreat Bear Resources Ltd13.152,02126.393CAD7
PINK-XPerimeter Medical Imaging AI Inc2.512,0215.8CAD3
SDE-XSpartan Delta Corp42,0218.285CAD10
OIII-XO3 Mining Inc2.082,0215.188CAD4
WE-XWeCommerce Holdings Ltd11.52,02121CAD2
RECO-XReconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd6.22,02116CAD1
ARTG-XArtemis Gold Inc5.242,02111.5CAD8
NXH-XNext Hydrogen Solutions Inc6.72,02112CAD1
ITR-XIntegra Resources Corp3.132,0217.707CAD7

More about Skylight Health Group Inc

Skylight Health Group Inc is a healthcare services and technology company, working to impact patient health outcomes. The company operates a US multi-state health network that comprises physical multi-disciplinary medical clinics providing a range of services from primary care, subspecialty, allied health and diagnostic testing.

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