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Sprott Physical Uranium Trust(U-UN-T)

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Sprott Physical Uranium: Top 25 Undervalued Dividend Stocks on TSX (U-UN)

The Globe and Mail - Wed Jan 11, 2023

Sprott Physical Uranium is now ranked among the top 25 undervalued large cap dividend-paying stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). A stock is considered undervalued if it trades at a discount to its valuation – a calculation used to determine the intrinsic (true) worth of a company. Valuation methodology provided by Stockcalc (see below). Large caps market capitalization (10-200B).

All data provided as-at market close January 09, 2023. The list is sorted by stocks with the greatest percentage difference between valuation and price. Companies included above paid a dividend in the last 12-months. Sprott Physical Uranium Uranium Participation Corp along with its subsidiaries is an investment company investing in uranium oxide in concentrates and uranium hexafluoride to achieve appreciation in the value of uranium. Sprott Physical Uranium is listed under U-UN on the Toronto Stock Exchange.



Close Price

Shares Outstanding



Cash per Share

Net Cash per Share

PHYS-U-TSprott Physical Gold14.5300000
BHC-TBausch Health Companies10.05010.6000
FIL-TFilo Mining26.8900000
CDAY-TCeridian HCM Holding84.4800000
BLCO-TBausch & Lomb21.53097000
FFH-U-TFairfax Finl Hldgs592.800000
LSPD-TLightspeed Commerce20.6600000
CS-TCapstone Copper5.99013.6000
MEG-TMEG Energy18.0406.1000
PSLV-TSprott Physical Silver10.8800000
GOOS-TCanada Goose Hldgs28.45038.4000
U-UN-TSprott Physical Uranium16.2100000
AC-TAir Canada20.7900000
LAC-TLithium Americas25.4100000
DSG-TDescartes Systems Gr95.15067000
CEF-TSprott Physical Gold21.8700000
TIXT-TTELUS Intl28.37031.1000
PHYS-TSprott Physical Gold19.5600000

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Stocks in this category are held primarily for potential income and capital appreciation. Dividend stocks showing a higher valuation than their current price have both potential upside and ability to sustain or grow their dividend.

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