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Sprott Physical Uranium Trust(U-UN-T)

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Sprott Physical Uranium: Top 10 Undervalued Growth Stocks on TSX (U-UN)

AI-generated - The Globe and Mail - Fri Mar 8, 12:46AM CST

Sprott Physical Uranium is now ranked among the top 10 undervalued small cap growth stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

  • A stock is considered undervalued if it trades at a discount to its valuation – a calculation used to determine the intrinsic (true) worth of a company
  • Valuation methodology provided by Stockcalc (see below)
  • Small, micro and nano group market capitalization (<10B)

Stocks in this category that have grown their revenue significantly in their latest quarterly report. They are held primarily for capital appreciation but do present downside risk. Growth stocks are always of interest to investors as they present upside opportunity. Stocks that are both growing their quarterly revenue and showing as undervalued are of special interest as these two factors are important when looking for prospects.

SymbolNameClose Price ($)Valuation ($)DifferenceAverage Vol (30D)Market Cap ($M)Yield (%)P/E Ratio
TIXTTELUS Intl12.8125.8012.99 (101.4%)2548883663.70.050.6
LSPDLightspeed Commerce18.6527.919.26 (49.7%)11754102875.70.00.0
ACAir Canada17.9826.868.88 (49.4%)24326416760.50.03.0
CFPCanfor16.6520.453.80 (22.8%)1720502000.50.00.0
BHCBausch Health Companies13.0015.652.65 (20.4%)3893204743.70.00.0
DCBODocebo70.9185.0514.14 (19.9%)688632388.20.0652.9
U-USprott Physical Uranium19.5122.943.43 (17.6%)516754303.20.023.9
PHYS-USprott Physical Gold16.5518.942.39 (14.4%)28716659.70.011.3
CAECAE25.8629.213.35 (13.0%)8299128594.60.030.9
ATZAritzia35.6340.004.37 (12.3%)3576454038.00.043.2
EROEro Copper23.2325.632.40 (10.3%)4083542183.80.021.2
FFH-UFairfax Finl Hldgs903.32994.4291.10 (10.1%)4822847.90.05.2
BBD-ABombardier50.5654.974.41 (8.7%)61404940.80.08.3
BBD-BBombardier50.5554.924.37 (8.7%)5511334939.80.08.3
CLSCelestica62.2167.325.11 (8.2%)6493637483.90.023.1
DAYDayforce87.5193.596.08 (6.9%)1163113870.30.0182.8
MEGMEG Energy28.8230.531.71 (5.9%)21114798300.20.014.5
BBBlackBerry3.553.720.17 (4.8%)14310162266.60.00.0
SHOPShopify99.87104.294.42 (4.4%)3089598129382.70.0736.3
U-UNSprott Physical Uranium26.4727.611.14 (4.3%)10454685838.30.023.7
CEFSprott Physical Gold21.8722.340.47 (2.1%)4700.90.00.0
CURACuraleaf Holdings6.436.430.00 (-0.1%)4270894663.80.00.0
NVANuVista Energy11.8711.78-0.09 (-0.8%)4127572639.40.07.0
CEF-USprott Physical Gold19.4719.14-0.33 (-1.7%)11594185.00.010.0
FIH-UFairfax India Holdings14.1713.92-0.25 (-1.8%)345972025.80.06.2

All data provided as of March 08, 2024.
The list is sorted by stocks with the greatest percentage difference between valuation and price.
Companies included above have not paid a dividend in the last 12-months.

Sprott Physical Uranium

Sprott Physical Uranium Trust is an investment company managed by Denison Mines Inc. Its primary interest lies in investing in Uranium based assets, including uranium oxide and uranium hexafluoride. The company stores its uranium deposits at uranium conversion facilities.

Sprott Physical Uranium is listed under U-UN on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


StockCalc is a Canadian fintech company specializing in fundamental valuations for North American stocks and ETFs.

Stockcalc valuations ( can help determine if a stock is undervalued. Stockcalc’s Weighted Average Valuation (WAV) is based on a proprietary calculation using model and analyst inputs, including:

  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  • Price & Other Comparables
  • Multiples
  • Adjusted Book Value (ABV)
  • Analyst Consensus

Artificial Intelligence at Report on Business

Report on Business scans market data using algorithms to process large quantities of information. The results are specialized reports produced through automation. Ongoing ROB project experiments that leverage artificial intelligence include valuation screens across 14 categories and end-of-day Closing Summary reports for all North American securities.

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