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Lurking somewhere in the Canadian financial scene is an entity we’ll call The Blob.

The Blob is friendly, but also elusive. It’s billions of dollars that people saved in pandemic lockdowns by not being out and about. Economists have pegged the size of the blob at a peak $350-billion, which includes available cash and money deployed for various purposes.

A note from TD Economics says Canadians are still saving more money off their paycheques than they were before the pandemic and haven’t dipped into pandemic savings. The Blob is alive and well, but still not well understood.

Let’s try to do something about that. Below, you’ll find an anonymous survey about money saved since the pandemic dropped on our heads in early 2020. I’ll report back on the results in a future newsletter.

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Q: I have $300,000 that I could invest. I want safety. What kind of a return should I expect over one to three years?

A: Two- and three-year guaranteed investment certificates pay as much as 4.75 per cent these days. There’s your benchmark.

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