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Retirees can roughly be divided into two groups – those who want to downsize to a smaller home, like a condo or bungalow, and those who want to remain in their family home. I conducted an informal survey on my Facebook personal finance page last week, and 66 per cent of those who participated said they preferred to stay in their family home, at least for the time being.

This finding backs up a survey I wrote about recently that showed, first, a strong desire among seniors to stay in their homes and, second, how common it is for these seniors to be pressured by family members or realtors to sell. A few readers responded to this column by essentially saying that even if seniors don’t want to sell, they ought to for their own good as well as their family’s.

Several readers worried about their elderly parents’ safety at home, which is understandable. Stairs, bathtubs and slippery hardwood floors can all be a hazard to someone with limited mobility. One answer, obviously, is to move to more suitable accommodations. Another is to retrofit a home. This Washington Post article offers six ideas for making seniors comfortable and secure in their homes, including a walk-in shower and carpeting to cover hardwood. Here’s another list of common ways to retrofit a home.

Finally, here’s an overview of provincial programs that help seniors pay for renovations that make their homes safer and more accessible.

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Today’s financial tool

This list of consumer resources from the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments includes a guide to relevant online financial and investing content relevant to seniors.

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Q: “I'm looking for the best way to compare the return on my four accounts to the total return on the S&P 500 and the S&P/TSX composite indexes. I was hoping for a website that will show me the total return for both those indexes.”

A: Here’s a website that provides monthly tables of short- and long-term total returns for all major stock and bond indexes relevant to Canadian investors. Total returns combine changes in share price and dividends or bond interest.

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