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The customer loyalty programs that deliver the most value are the ones that let you build points by just going about your daily life. That’s why PC Optimum is so popular. Buy groceries and drugstore items, earn points.

I have a PC Optimum card, and it consistently delivers pleasant surprises. It seems like every time I bother to check my points total, it’s substantial enough to generate a discount on my next purchase at a Shoppers Drug Mart or a Loblaw grocery store.

But after reading this blog post on maximizing PC Optimum, I realize I’m an amateur at earning points. One good suggestion I hadn’t heard before is to link different accounts into a single family account.

Now for a perspective on PC Optimum that you may not have considered. When I attended Camp Mustache last summer (a gather of frugal-minded people aiming for financial independence), I met someone who told me he regards his hoard of PC Optimum points as a sort of family emergency fund. In a pinch, they have most of their household spending covered for a while.

This makes a lot of sense, but I’d be cautious about hanging onto loyalty points of any kind for extended periods. If you do this, you’re vulnerable to rule changes that devalue your points or force you to use them up quickly to avoid expiry.

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Ask Rob

Q: I am a novice DIY investor. I have had shares in a global dividend mutual for some time now. When checking Morningstar, it shows performance of 20 per cent last year. Based on my simple math, I am receiving only 4 per cent in new dividends. Am I missing something here?

A: You’re seeing total returns for your fund, which is the combination of changes in the share price plus dividends. Mutual fund and exchange-traded funds are generally published on a total-return basis.

Do you have a question for me? Send it my way. Sorry I can’t answer every one personally. Questions and answers are edited for length and clarity.

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