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A 27-year-old reader caught up with a column I wrote recently about millennials showing an interest in socialism, and it set her off. It reminded her of what she sees as a tendency among baby boomers to blame the financial challenges faced by young adults today on a lack of money smarts. The problem, she argues, is that today’s economy is set up to protect the interests of baby boomers at the expense of her generation. What follows is a lightly edited transcript of her e-mail to me. Note: She asked to remain anonymous. She lives in southwestern Ontario.

Hello Rob.

I find it rather insulting that your generation keeps implying that our generation needs “financial advice.”

Here is some advice: Maybe employers could pay better wages from their deep pockets. I truly believe that the system absolutely operates to support and protect baby boomer interests.

I am getting sick and tired of making much less than what my baby boomer co-workers make. Plus, they receive benefits and six weeks of holidays. Of course, this was earned from years of service. But these people don't know how to rotate a PDF document, for goodness sake. And who do they come to for all of their completely ridiculous and absurd computer and tech questions? Me, the contract worker who makes $39,000 a year and has to pay $150 a month for parking downtown.

Not to mention, I have six years of completely related post-secondary education, including a bachelor of management and organizational studies degree specializing in HR, a business-insurance diploma and eight of the 10 required courses towards my Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation – and I work in insurance.

I own a vehicle, which is a luxury. But let’s be real here – my family lives out of town and I am 27 years old. I think having a vehicle (a modest Chevy Cruz) should not be impossible. With my car expenses, student debt payments, rent plus utilities and my phone bill, I literally have $200 left after budgeting for groceries and my gym membership.

Woohoo, I love capitalism. It is so awesome. Really glad I busted my ass throughout my entire life and finished both college and university to live off of grilled cheese and live in a disgusting, unsafe area of town.

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