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This edition of the newsletter is devoted to contrarian thinkers on personal finance – people who have different views than most and have a smart rationale for them.

First up is Stefanie O’Connell, a U.S. personal-finance blogger and speaker who has taken on the wedding-industrial complex. In other words, all the forces in our society that tell you it’s crucial to spend a ton on your wedding to put on a great show. Ms. O’Connell blogged recently about why she returned her engagement ring and why she’s not having bridesmaids at her wedding. This seems like such clear, sensible thinking on weddings. They don’t need to stress you – or your guests – financially.

Next, we have Bridget Casey of the Money After Graduation blog. Check out her Twitter take on extreme frugality and the drive to save a few cents on a purchase at the grocery or drugstore. Ms. Casey says there are times when cutting your grocery bill by a few bucks can help you get through the month, but chasing pennies isn’t the way to achieve financial success in life. “'How do I save $0.30 on hand soap?' is the wrong question,” Ms. Casey says. “You are looking the wrong way. You are doing the wrong thing.”

Thanks to these two contrarian voices for helping to keep personal finance from getting stale.

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Q: I like the idea of exchange-traded funds, but am confused about which type of ETFs should go into my RRSP, TFSA and non-registered accounts, taking taxation into account.

A: Take a look at the ETF tax primer I put together a while back. It helps you decide which types of ETFs go best in all the various types of accounts.

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