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My top project for December 2018 was to write a guide to the changes coming to the Canada Pension Plan in January. The process is widely known as CPP enhancement, and it balances higher contributions for workers and their employers with rising retirement benefits over the decades ahead.

The point of these changes is to make the CPP a bigger factor for the steadily growing majority of the population that does not have a company pension plan and may not have enough saved to maintain their standard of living in retirement. The full impact of the CPP enhancement will be seen in 2065. Today’s current maximum annual retirement pension of $13,610 would be worth approximately $20,750 in 2018 dollars by then – an extra $7,140 a year.

There’s a view held by some people that Canadians are already saving enough and thus don’t need an improved CPP. A longtime personal-finance blogger dispenses with that argument here. Some other useful resources for understanding what’s ahead for the CPP:

  • An actuary’s take on how much of a difference CPP enhancement will mean for the income of retirees.
  • An opinion piece on how the expanded CPP will not narrow the gap between public- and private-sector pensions
  • The federal government’s official description of CPP enhancement.

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Today’s financial tool/app

This calculator will estimate how much more you’ll receive in retirement benefits as a result of CPP enhancement, and how much more you’ll pay in contributions.

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Q: In the article How taxes can provide relief from a failed investment, it’s mentioned that interest and carrying changes on investment for income can be claimed as a tax deduction. Does this deduction apply to money borrowed to invest in a TFSA?

A: No. Details here.

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