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Several years have passed since my wife and I had any teenagers at home, but I can you we would have been all over the idea of 13- to 17-year-olds being able to have Uber accounts.

Uber says it will allow teens to open accounts on its ride-sharing app, with parental oversight. Great idea. I know we would have used this service when our boys were younger. Ride sharing for teens means less time waiting alone at transit stops late at night, and less family stress in getting everyone where they need to be on time. Using Uber might also be cheaper than insurance for a teen on a family car.

Ride sharing for teens also means more spending for parents, though. You can certainly tell your teens to take the bus, or choose Uber at their own expense. But my prediction is that busy parents will be all over Uber rides for their kids, no matter the cost.

Such is parenting in this age of technology. New apps and devices are seen as necessities, and parents pay up. Over the past decade or more, parents who can afford it have paid for phones and data plans, as well as computers with better household internet to accommodate massive amounts of downloading.

Uber for teens shows how technology costs lead to further costs. Your teen has a phone? Then let’s add an Uber account for convenience and safety.

Inflation for parents isn’t talked about much, but it’s happening. If you have any good examples of how the cost of having kids has risen lately, send them to me at

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