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In this edition of Carrick Talks Money, our call-in series for Globe and Mail subscribers, Personal Finance editor Roma Luciw spent an hour talking with Kelley Keehn about women and wealth. Ms. Luciw and Ms. Keehn, a personal-finance educator and consumer advocate for FP Canada, fielded subscriber questions and went over a range of topics including how, on average, women still earn less than men, live longer than men and are more likely to take time off work to raise children and look after aging parents. They also discussed investing styles, saving for retirement, combining finances with a partner and how single women can set themselves up for financial success. If you missed it, you can listen to the call by clicking on the link below.

Our previous call took place in September, on the topic of student finances. You can listen to that here. Our next call-in will be in January. Check the Member Benefits page to register and send in your questions ahead of time.