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The Globe and Mail Retirement Forum is a place for subscribers to discuss matter related to retirement. Today’s must-discuss topic is the most violent stock market decline in memory, caused by the spread of the coronavirus.

There’s lots of advice out there about what investors should do – stick with your plan, avoid panic-selling and look for chances to buy stocks on sale. But none of that commentary comes from people who are actually retired and thus dependent on their investments for income, in many cases. And so, we invite retirees and people approaching retirement to discuss these questions:

  • Is there any sense now in halting your losses in the stock market by selling stocks or equity funds?
  • How worried are you that falling stock markets will cause you to run out of money?
  • What are you buying right now and what’s on your buy list for the future?
  • Is the guaranteed investment certificate the most attractive investment right now?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.​