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The Globe's Retirement Forum is here to give subscribers a space to ask and answer questions about retirement. Think of it as a community of future and actual retirees helping each other reach their goals.

The Globe and Mail Retirement Forum is a place for subscribers of all ages to ask questions about retirement and receive answers from a community that includes actual retirees. Personal finance columnist Rob Carrick will also weigh in. Want to know what works in retirement from a money and lifestyle perspective? This is the place. Send questions to

In this edition of the forum, 65-year-old Nick from Oakville, Ont., asks for advice on making the transition from saving diligently for retirement to spending his savings:

“I have been careful with money all my life and I am having a lot of difficulty going from saving to spending,” he wrote in an e-mail. “Would love to hear from others that have struggled with this.”

Rob’s thoughts: This is a common problem that seems to be tied to the fear of running out of money. One solution is to have a financial planner help you map out both your spending needs and the amount of money you can sustainably spend each year. If you’ve saved well, you’ll probably find you have the resources to spend without putting your finances at risk.

If you’re a frugal sort of person who just doesn’t enjoy spending on yourself, then go with it. Money left unspent in your retirement years can be directed via your will to people and charities you want to help out.

Now, let’s see what members of the retirement forum have to say. How can you make a comfortable transition from putting money away for retirement to spending your savings?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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