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There were some tense moments for seniors when the stock markets crashed early on in the pandemic. It’s one thing to talk about keeping a long-term perspective about investing. But watching the Canadian stock market plunge 37 per cent in little over a month is not something you just brush off when you’re retired and living off your investments.

What did you learn about investment and personal finance in the pandemic as a retiree? Was the idea of buy and hold validated? Have you made any tweaks in your investments, maybe by substituting dividend stocks for low-yielding bonds? Where are you finding the best rates on guaranteed investment certificates and savings accounts? How frustrated have you been about poor customer service levels at online brokerage firms?

The Globe and Mail Retirement forum wants to hear from Globe and Mail readers, a community of seniors, about your investing experiences during the pandemic. Tell us what worked, what you learned and what advice you’d pass on to people looking ahead to retirement and wondering how to handle the next big challenge, be it a pandemic, a global financial crisis or something unforeseen.

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.