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Note to readers: The Tax and Spend newsletter ends this week, as I move on to a new role at The Globe, as Editorials Editor. My deepest thanks to all of the thousands of Globe readers who subscribed to this weekly digest of fiscal intricacies and oddities. I learned a lot; I hope you did too.

You can expect to see tax and spending issues pop up frequently in the editorials space. I also urge you to check out the other excellent newsletters in our lineup, particularly the Politics Briefing from the Ottawa bureau. And here is one last newsletter – one you can sing along to.

The CPI is Comin’ on Down

You better watch out

You better not buy

You better not pout

I’m telling you why

The CPI is comin’ on down

Tiff’s raising his rates

He’s raising them twice

You’re gonna find out that debt is a vice

The CPI is comin’ on down

Tiff sees when we’ve been shopping

He knows when we’re in hock

He knows if our credit’s bad or good

So just stuff your cash in a sock

Danielle, the Hard-Line Premier

You know Lévesque and Bouchard and Johnson and Marois

Parizeau, Landry and other Quebecois

But do you recall

The most famous sovereigntist of all?

Danielle the hard-line premier

Had a very scary law

And if you ever read it

You would see it had a flaw

All of the other premiers

Didn’t dare to follow suit

Trudeau wouldn’t let poor Danielle

Bait him into a dispute

Have Yourself a Merry Tax Amnesty

Have yourself a merry tax amnesty

Let your debts be light

From now on

Your repayment plan is out of sight

Have yourself a merry tax amnesty

Make someone else pay

From now on

The CRA will be miles away

Spending Bills

Social programs, growing programs

Means test there for a while

In the air

There’s a feeling

Of excess

Ministers gaffing

MPs passing

More red ink is no trial

And in every committee you’ll hear

Spending bills, spending bills

It’s spending time for the Liberals

Ka-ching-a-ching, hear them sing

Soon it will be budget day

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