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Fabian De La Fuente, CEO of Solaires Entreprises

To keep global warming below 1.5°C and meet Canada’s climate goals, we must work towards increasing the share of cost-effective and resilient renewables in the global energy mix. This is what Solaires Entreprises has set out to achieve through a commitment to providing clean, affordable and accessible solar energy solutions.

Our mission is to develop the next generation of solar technology through perovskite photovoltaics (PV), which offer higher efficiency capabilities, lower costs, reduced environmental footprints, end-of-life recyclability and broad innovative applications.

I believe that startups like Solaires play a critical role in the fight against climate change as they can address market needs that are not met by larger organizations. Our goal is to be the first Canadian company – and one of the first five globally – to commercialize low-cost and effective solar power technology, facilitating a pathway for solar to be a key source of supply in the clean energy future.

While this is a big task, our diverse and talented team is already making headway in leading innovative research and development in perovskite PV technology.

Imagine being able – in the near future – to recharge any device that uses a battery on indoor or outdoor light. Allowing IoT devices like phones and smart watches to capture energy from indoor light is one example of our proposed technology applications.

We’re proud to be carbon neutral – and plan to keep our operational footprint low as we continue to scale through exploring ways to develop our products using green and recycled materials and driving research in these areas.

I’m confident that Solaires’ innovative solutions will help to effectively address the current limitations of conventional silicon solar technology – and enable perovskites to become the future of solar.

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