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As a lifestyle blogger and founder of Your Mindful Meditations, Elaisha Green is always helping others prioritize self-care – but it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that she found time to put herself first

For this meditation teacher, the secret to self-care is space, grace and routine

As a lifestyle blogger and founder of Your Mindful Meditations, Elaisha Green is always helping others prioritize self-care – but it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that she found time to put herself first

The sun is peeking over the mountain tops when Elaisha Green steps out onto her deck for an early morning meditation session.

A year into the pandemic, she prides herself on having regular routines that help her start and end the day off right—but that wasn’t always the case. As a travelling lifestyle and beauty blogger, and founder of Your Mindful Meditations, Green was often on the go pre-pandemic, making it difficult to be consistent with her own daily self-care. It was actually the lockdowns and restrictions that helped Green establish structure in her day-to-day life.

Returning to habit and routine in tough times

Elaisha Green stays authentic with her lifestyle content by weaving in themes of mindfulness and self-care.Elaisha Green/The Globe and Mail

Lately, on a good day, Green jumps out of bed ready to make her favourite cup of chai, head outside for her first meditation session of the day, then squeeze in a quick workout before sitting down at her computer for her 9-5 job. But when she was struggling, she’d join her morning Zoom meeting from bed—”camera off, mute on” —and try her best to just make it through the day.

Reaching out to loved ones and rediscovering her love of cooking were both vital in helping her find composure through all the uncertainty. “Cooking has been my anchor,” Green says, mentioning she has curry simmering on the stove. “I decided to fall back in love with food again without guilt, understanding cooking as something for my enjoyment, and tapping into my cultural heritage by preparing meals that my grandmother and my mom would make [when I was] growing up.”

Returning to the routines of her childhood helped Green establish stability, especially when winding down in the evenings. Now a 28-year-old living on her own, her nightly ritual has evolved to focus on caring for herself, inside and out: applying quality skincare products, taking vitamins to supplement her plant-based diet and practicing facial yoga. Crest Whitening Emulsions fit seamlessly into her routine. “It just feels like another step in my self-care,” she explains. She approaches self-care as a daily practice where repetition is key. She likes to make a game out of it, challenging herself to try things out for one day, then three, then seven, until it becomes second nature—a strategy that’s helped her curate and commit to new practices like regular whitening. With its easy-to-use applicator and unique formula that causes virtually no sensitivity, Crest Whitening Emulsions has become Green’s go-to product after meals, before bed, and whenever she feels her smile needs a quick boost.

To stay on track while working from home, Green practices a regular morning routine before she settles in to work at her 9-5.Elaisha Green/The Globe and Mail

‘Space and grace’ help battle burnout

Heading out for a hike is just one of Green’s preferred weekend pastimes.Elaisha Green

Whether she’s leading her students through meditation practices, hiking through Vancouver’s old-growth forests or watching old episodes of Sailor Moon, allowing herself the freedom to explore and grow during this time has been Green’s greatest gift to herself. “I understand and see myself so differently and so much better than I did last year,” she says. “I am not forcing myself to do exercises I’m not a fan of anymore. I only have so much energy; instead of feeling guilty, I’d rather use that energy to feel alive and to be grateful that I’m alive.”

Green has woven that same sense of care and enthusiasm for life into her teaching through Your Mindful. She nurtures her students’ compassion for themselves while deepening their mindfulness practices through dance. Green sees dance as a form of meditative activity that helps her feel grounded in her body, prioritizing celebration and body positivity over calorie counting and weight loss. “I know my neighbours look into my window and think ‘I don’t know what’s going on with that girl,’ but I enjoy myself,” she says, laughing. “It’s been an eye-opening and humbling experience [to explore and discover alongside my students]. Our bodies always know what’s right for us.”

If there’s one thing Green has learned this past year, it’s the importance of self-acceptance. Part of her job as a public persona involves looking at photos of herself for hours on end, so she’s acutely aware of her appearance and frequently checks in with herself to assess her body’s needs. Whether it’s getting up from her desk for a midday stretch or gently swiping Crest’s whitening formula over her teeth after a decadent meal, she makes sure to treat herself with love and kindness. “I give myself a lot of space and grace because I have to,” Green says. “If I were too demanding of myself, I would burn out, and I would be of no use to myself, let alone my students.”

Crest Whitening Emulsions is the latest product Green has added to her regular self-care routine.Elaisha Green/The Globe and Mail

With springtime and the anniversary of the Covid-19 lockdowns right around the corner, Green is still coming to terms with the reality of being homebound during what she feels has been the happiest time of her life. “I really do believe in the idea of impermanence; nothing lasts forever,” she says. When we let go of the need for perfection and embrace new experiences, we create space to find the joy and comfort we deserve.

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