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Buying authentic Made in Italy products celebrates quality and time-honoured culinary traditions.

Italy is known the world over for its art, architecture, fashion, cinema and cars. But there is nothing we cherish more than our food. Not just the cooking and eating of it – which we are passionate about – but the growing, producing and crafting of it.

That’s why buying authentic products that are “Made in Italy“ is key to discovering this cultural food heritage.

From Ligurian pesto to Sicilian limoncello to San Marzano tomatoes and Parmigiano-Reggiano, every one of the 20 regions and their subregions offers products that are unique to its microclimate and the generations of Italians who have preserved the passion for their craft. No wonder to us, food is life.

We are a country with more certified and protected products than any other in the European Union. Italy is where the Slow Food movement was born and still flourishes. We are among the nations that are officially home to the Mediterranean Diet, which is recognized by UNESCO as an intangible yet essential part of our heritage. We are a land of more than 400 types of cheese with the richest varieties in the world. We celebrate food and flavour with annual food festivals – dedicated to the myriad Made in Italy foods and beverages we produce, such as olive oil, gelato, limoncello, wine, risotto, tomatoes, truffles, cheeses and salumi. We even declared 2018 Anno del Cibo – the year of Italian food all over the world, commemorated with global food and wine events and initiatives.

In Canada, La Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo, or Italian Cuisine Week in the World, takes place November 19–25 to promote Italy’s renowned food culture.

It’s a week marked by numerous events celebrating Italy’s long-standing tradition of unparalleled food, wine and culture.

Sadly, there are products that look or sound Italian, but fall far short of delivering the real thing. That’s why, just in time for the holidays, we at the Italian Trade Commission bring you this special issue of Gastronomia, to showcase authentic Italian products you can find here in Canada. It’s full of incredible Made in Italy gift and entertaining ideas and delicious recipes. We want to help you discover and savour true Italian products by following one simple rule: “Look for the real thing“.

Buon appetito!

The Italian Trade Commission

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