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Ibraheem Khan, CEO, Extract Energy Inc. and Smarter Alloys

In an evolving world, the only known constant is change, and we must be armed to not only survive but thrive in an uncertain future. A key element in our arsenal will be innovation, realized through fundamental research and development.

Clean technologies, for example, are widely recognized as essential for unlocking opportunities to protect future generations. At Smarter Alloys, we invest heavily in the infrastructure and facilities – and most importantly people – driving research towards innovation and ultimately commercialization.

With over 20 scientists and engineers, we are pushing the limits of our technology in a range of applications, from aerospace to medical devices. One key area is cleantech, where we deploy smart materials to harvest low-grade waste heat (LGWH). LGWH, which accounts for over half of the energy produced by humanity, is currently wasted – and contributes to massive GHG emissions that accelerate global warming.

At Smarter Alloys, we conduct research in fundamental materials science and engineering to adapt these learnings towards designing a solution for LGWH, which we believe has the potential to drastically reduce GHG emissions while making Canada a leader in sustainable energy.

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