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Groundpiece, sectional sofa, Antonio Citterio design. Interiors by Evoke International design.Supplied

In a town renowned for some of the best skiing and mountain biking in the world, a 3,900-square-foot year-round home sits, nestled in lush forest. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer spectacular views of the surrounding Whistler, B.C and Blackcomb peaks. Outdoorsy and active, the owners make full use of their rugged surroundings: After a day exploring nature’s playground, they love to kick back in comfort and style.

That’s exactly what Vancouver-based design firm Evoke International Design had in mind in renovating this home. “We wanted to give them that cabin feel, but we put a very modern aesthetic riff on that concept,” David Nicolay, principal of Evoke says.

“It’s a modern interpretation of a log cabin, so instead of big logs for a wood interior, we used flat wood-clad panels for warmth; rather than a big fireplace, we used a wood-burning stove on a concrete hearth to pile logs on,” Nicolay adds. “It’s a clean look, which is very much our style.”

At the centre of it all is the Groundpiece sofa by Flexform, a 100 per cent Italian furniture brand that shares this clean, modern aesthetic. Nicolay lauds the product in equal parts for its comfort and elegance.

“Our clients all agree that it’s the perfect height; it’s not too low,” Nicolay adds. “With a lot of modern sofas, you’re almost sitting on the floor and there’s not a lot of support for your back. With the luxury of a large living room, you’re able to size the sofa up. It has a modern, clean aesthetic, which really suits our work.

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Groundpiece, sectional sofa, Antonio Citterio design.Supplied

“It has a great mix of looking a little formal and tailored, but it sits very casual,” he adds. “The space is not about having a formal living room and a separate family room; this is an all-occasion sofa.”

In fact, the Evoke team has incorporated the Groundpiece sofa into several projects, he says. “The structure of the piece has architectural dimension,” he notes. “It was a natural fit. Flexform products are beautifully fabricated pieces.”

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Flexform products display exquisite craftsmanship.Supplied

Indeed, Flexform prides itself on producing high-end, premium quality items. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the area between Milan and Como Lake, Flexform pieces are known for their timeless style, understated elegance, unparalleled comfort, and contemporary, yet evergreen design. While the company has gained a global recognition for its sofas, it also designs dining room and bedroom furnishings. The through line is a dedication to excellence.

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Flexform products are manufactured in Italy.Supplied

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Flexform products combine tradition and advanced technology.Supplied

“We do not follow the lure of trends that attract short-lived praise but endeavour to attain lasting success,” says second generation Flexform owner and manager Pietro Galimberti. “Contemporary style is never loud or showy, and its aesthetic code relies on balanced proportions, careful details, and exquisite materials such as saddle-hide, leather and beautiful fabrics that allow us to furnish residential environments conceived as true islands of well-being.”

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Elegance and comfort go hand in hand in all of the company’s sofas.Supplied

“If the home environment is an aesthetic expression,” he adds, “the beauty and comfort of a sofa can enhance quality of life.”

The sofa plays a starring role within a home, Galimberti notes, whether people are using it to sit, lie, or curl up on; or to read, watch television, text, work, nap, or gather with loved ones. The best sofas are versatile, “safe, homey,” and “sophisticated, but never flashy,” he says.

Elegance and comfort are similarly top of mind for Secter Architecture + Design, a firm that recently selected Flexform’s Soft Dream sofa for a stunning family home in Steinbach, Manitoba.

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Soft Dream, sectional sofa, Antonio Citterio design. Interiors by Secter Architecture + Design.Supplied

Surrounded by vast farmland and open sky, it’s a burgeoning community about an hour southeast of Winnipeg. The 4,200-square-foot family home provides a striking counterpoint to the region’s stark landscape: With its soaring ceilings and oversized windows, the open-concept space feels more like a contemporary urban loft. Add natural stone tile, wood and glass accents and elegant furnishings in soothing neutral hues, and this is Prairies living refined.

“The style of this home is modern comfort,” says Lloyd Secter, senior adviser and architect at the firm. “It’s a unique home with curving beams and lots of woods and textural qualities. Several large white pines dominate the view from the main living space. It’s quite spectacular.”

That main living room is dramatic, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that seamlessly blend indoors and out. Framing the lush terraced yard tailor-made for entertaining, this is where the family spends time together during quiet nights at home. The Soft Dream sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio, was the ideal pick for the stunning space.

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Soft Dream, sectional sofa, Antonio Citterio design.Supplied

“It has the style, comfort, and scale we were looking for,” Secter says. “We needed a big sectional with wide, deep, comfortable cushions and that we could fragment. The sofa has a luxurious feel but the right support for you when you’re seated.”

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Soft Dream, 3-seater, Antonio Citterio design.Supplied

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