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The sun is out and Ontario is calling. Soon, we’ll be able to hit the road again. Road tripping for your favourite meals and museums is going to look a little different. Once it’s safe to travel, double check the advisories. Then, make sure you’ve got what you need to keep yourself—and the fine folks who make and serve our food (and drink!)—safe.


Whether you’ve got one shot, two shots or are still in the cue, health experts state that masks are still our best bet when mingling with anyone outside our household. Keep a few in your glove box (alongside your hand sanitizer) and be sure to wear them correctly—that is, over your mouth and nose, so our friends in hospitality don’t have to remind you.


You’re not the only one who wants to explore this season, so booking ahead will be key. Many places, from parks to restaurants to galleries, are only accessible through pre-booking and may be full. Check and double check business hours before visiting and use their bookings systems when available. Most importantly, be patient and flexible. You may need to rebook if new travel advisories are released.


Weekends are going to be crowded, even off the beaten track. Consider taking a midweek mini break or holding off until shoulder season. It will mean a better experience for you and more steady operations for the businesses you want to visit. Remember to look for the Safe Travels stamp when you travel. It’s your assurance that the business you want to visit is taking safety precautions seriously too.

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