Life is a dream on the Cayman Islands
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Life is a dream on the Cayman Islands

Looking for a place to slow down, unplug and breathe a little easier? These three special islands in the Caribbean feature pristine beaches, turquoise seas and a special brand of laid-back luxury

The Cayman Islands have always been a little different than other tropical destinations – a bit more elegant, yet always inviting.

Located south of Cuba and east of Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea, the marvels of the Cayman Islands are not off-limits. Locals encourage visitors to see, explore, taste and touch what makes these islands so special.

Cayman offers a luxurious blend of attractions, from sun-kissed beaches and turquoise seas to outstanding cuisine and polished accommodations. Experience a distinctive sense of calm when swimming in the tranquil waters around Cayman, or exploring the islands’ magical places. It’s a specific brand of laid-back luxury that dreams are made of.

The stunning underground structures of the Crystal Caves on Grand Cayman.

This peaceful British Overseas Territory is made up of three unique islands, each with its own sensibility, geography and activities. The largest, Grand Cayman, is a truly cosmopolitan destination in the Caribbean, where discerning travellers can spend leisurely days.

On the white sands of placid Seven Mile Beach, a paddleboarder might invite visitors to join in for yoga on the water as the sun rises. In the beautifully landscaped Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden, indigenous plants bloom in vibrant hues and live harmoniously with birds and blue iguanas. Take a side trip to the underground Crystal Caves to see otherworldly stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Cayman Brac is the adventurous island to the east, the sister with moxie. Boasting a more rugged terrain than Grand Cayman, visitors are drawn to its glorious cliffs, caves and dive sites. A visit to the Cayman Brac Museum reveals a proud heritage and fascinating history, rich with artifacts dating back thousands of years.

Tranquil Little Cayman is the treasured baby, an island of untouched beaches and quaint, pastel cottages. Known for superb snorkeling and scuba-diving, underwater adventures here reveal an awesome world of colour and life. Little Cayman is the place where visitors can tuck away, unplug and experience a life of ease.

The Bluff, located at the eastern end of Cayman Brac, soars above the Caribbean Sea.

A baby sea turtle makes it way to the water on a Cayman beach.

It might seem fitting that the national symbol of this trio of islands is the sea turtle. Founded in 1503 by Christopher Columbus on his last voyage to the Americas, the three sister islands were originally named Las Tortugas for the huge number of sea turtles living there. Even now, the turtle is emblematic of Caymans’ tranquil pace. Visitors might imagine that when they step off a plane or cruise ship, a turtle will give them a nod and a wink that says: slow down, breathe easier and find real peace.

The Cayman Islands are the kind of destination that everyone dreams of. Explore them, and make the dream a reality.

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