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Unmatched luxury service awaits travelers onboard Rocky Mountaineer

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A journey aboard Rocky Mountaineer is one of Canada’s iconic travel experiences. The unique way to take in the landscape of the country’s western provinces – stunning mountains, lush forests, glistening lakes and wildlife – is a luxurious take on slow travel. And, for guests, expectations are exceeded at every level, with the experience starting from the moment a guest books a trip and lasting until they disembark from their journey.

To make it happen, the train’s hosts and culinary team work to create an atmosphere where time itself is treated like a luxury. “What's really magical about the service is that it gives guests the time to slow down,” says Senior Onboard Manager Wendy McMichael.

“Once the journey begins, our guests have a chance to step away from the world and remember the beauty that we have in this country, to enjoy themselves, and to take those moments in. It's a pretty special way to travel,” she says.

McMichael, who’s been with the company for 14 years, says that it’s the onboard team who are pivotal in making this happen. From the fine dining service in GoldLeaf coaches where regional dishes are served alongside wines from British Columbia’s acclaimed Okanagan region, to the expert storytelling by hosts throughout the course of the journey, the onboard team prioritize guest experiences to ensure that the journey onboard their train is one they remember forever.

“We've had guests come back multiple times and request the same hosts because they had such a great connection,” says McMichael. “Connections are so important and it's a beautiful thing to watch happen.”

Great care and thought are put into the timing of meals, the pace at which the train travels while passing certain landmarks, and the opportunities for storytelling by hosts and socializing between guests. The idea is that everything is so well planned that guests simply enjoy being spoiled while immersed in the experiences.

“We’re thinking about how to make everything blend seamlessly with the day, knowing that we have a starting point and an ending point,” says McMichael. “We're taking in all of the logistics and making sure to create fantastic moments.”

"Everything is about comfort and getting to enjoy the outdoors, while being very comfortable riding with us indoors."

A day on the train glides by as guests drift from their heated GoldLeaf coach seats down to the dining level below and on to the outdoor viewing platforms to look for local wildlife, where they can take photos of the stunning Rocky Mountains or feel the spray from Pyramid Falls on their faces.

“There are open-air areas where you can go outside, let the wind run through your hair up in the mountains, and breathe in that fresh pine smell,” she says. “Everything is about comfort and getting to enjoy the outdoors, while being very comfortable riding with us indoors.”

Hosts make certain that guests never miss an opportunity to experience the region’s most beautiful sights or get a glimpse of the West’s magnificent wildlife. “When we call out a bear sighting, the whole train shifts [to one side] to see that bear,” explains McMichaels.

Rocky Mountaineer hosts also feel privileged to share information about the Indigenous peoples who have lived along the routes for time immemorial. “Looking right down the sheer cliffs into the Fraser River during the fishing season in late August, you'll spot drying racks out on the rocks,” she says. “Indigenous communities will have set up their nets for salmon fishing and drying the fish. You'll see hundreds and hundreds of people out there.”

Rocky Mountaineer’s unparalleled service makes these transformative travel experiences possible. Before your journey even begins, you’re made to be part of the family with a warm welcome at the train station. After dropping your luggage off at the station, the team transports it to your hotel at the midpoint overnight stay. Hosts ensure that guests are alerted to each scenic landmark, conductors slow the train down at the iconic spots so everyone can take photos, the culinary team marks birthdays or anniversaries with a special dessert or a glass of bubbles. Interested in learning about Western Canada’s history, geography and culture? The team will have a story to share with you.

“My absolute favourite moment is watching everybody as they say their goodbyes,” McMichael says. “People are hugging and crying and so excited about everything that they've just experienced. People make friends for life when they're onboard.”

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