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W hile every small business is unique, what unites them is determination, passion and above all, resilience. Introducing Passion & Persistence, a new series brought to you by American Express Canada, which profiles Canadian entrepreneurs and their unique experiences running a business during the pandemic. You’ll meet co-founders of a travel and lifestyle brand, the visionary behind an African-Canadian superfood company, and a top Toronto restaurateur and author. Their stories teach us how adaptability and creativity helped them overcome unforeseen obstacles and how their passion for entrepreneurship keeps them inspired and optimistic about the future.

American Express Business Resilience Survey

American Express surveyed Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises about how they’re handling COVID-19 and the numbers are startling: most SMEs are experiencing cash flow problems, and many expect this holiday season to be slower than last year. Still, SMEs are optimistic that they’ll survive these challenging times. Amex agrees—and it’s committed to backing business owners now, and as things continue to improve.

Cash flow issues remain critical as businesses owners rebuild
  • 64% of SMEs say they are facing cash flow and financing problems due to the pandemic
  • 51% of respondents agreed cash flow and financing problems was the most pressing issue of all
  • 1 in 4 say they do not have enough cash flow to sustain their business
Finding time to focus on higher-impact initiatives is a challenge
  • 85% of SMEs spend up to half their day doing paperwork and managing supplier payments
  • 40% of respondents say they would rather be spending time working on customer services
  • 38% per cent on marketing and sales and business development
E-commerce and social media more important than ever this holiday season
  • 46% of SMEs are expecting revenue to decrease this season compared to last year
  • 67% of respondents say e-commerce will be critical this year
  • 52% of businesses say social media will be more important than ever to engage with customers

About Amex

American Express Canada is proud to back Canadian businesses and help them move forward. Through payment tools and services that help streamline processes, reduce costs and free up working capital, American Express enables businesses to put their focus on what matters most.

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