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Experience winter warmth in Alberta
through the eyes of artists

Even if travel is not possible this winter, it is still a season of exploration, where we can share experiences and look forward to future adventures. These pages are filled with art that reflects the heartfelt warmth of Alberta winter: You’ll hear the crackle of a fire, see the brilliant alpenglow through the eyes of a mother bear and read of steaming hot bowls of soup, each work painting a picture more vivid than the last. Explore this beautiful season from home, through the eyes of artists producing striking work across Alberta.


Matthew Cardinal’s “murmuring/warmth” is a tranquil, drifting escape composed for The Art of Winter, intended to be played while you explore the art on these pages.

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Justina Smith

early winter afternoon VI

Living in Vermilion, a small town in central Alberta with a population of just over 4,000, Justina Smith is surrounded by Alberta’s nature—but it’s the architecture of local life that serves as her primary inspiration in this piece. A lifelong artist, Smith’s recent winter works draw heavily from the historical architecture of Vermilion homes and similar prairie towns, many built as early as the 1920s, as well as the icy lakes and trees covered in hoarfrost that characterize a local Albertan winter scene.

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Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett


SOLAR FLARE, created by Calgary-based artists Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett, is an interactive light sculpture. The piece—which resembles a lightburst, or a man-made sun—was inspired by a desire to create a sense of warmth to help sustain Albertans during cold winter months. An incandescent glow emanates from its centre; the resulting effect is golden hour captured and preserved.

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Adriana Oniță

Landing in Edmonton, December

Using different languages to paint a fuller picture of the experience of winter in Alberta, poet Adriana Oniță dances around the darkness like a single flake on a snowy night, creating vivid images that sparkle before the reader. “How do you say snow sifts / through spruce branches, in your mother’s tongue? / Cerne zăpada. In winter, we reclaim lost languages.”

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Raneece Buddan

Sledding at Gallagher Park

Raneece Buddan takes inspiration from life around her to create paintings and sculptures, using wood and fabrics to add elements of realism to her work. These works aren’t just about the land; they’re about the life lived on the land. Her latest piece, Sledding at Gallagher Park, depicts locals sledding on a hill at one of the best places for tobogganing in the city of Edmonton.

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Winter here is luminous, if you allow the light in.

Adriana Oniță


Carmen Frank

Carmen Frank’s painting captures the breathtaking feeling of open skies in rural Alberta, with a single barn dotting the otherwise uninterrupted prairie. The bold, saturated colours in the sky capture the warmth and beauty of Alberta in winter, including wind patterns that add tangible movement to the piece. Frank balances these strong elements of movement with the gentle yet persistent presence of grass crops peeking through the snow, representing curiosity, resilience and a bit of mystery.

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Jessy Dion

As a sculptor and miniaturist, Jessy Dion wants to transport those who view his art to a moment in time. This is especially true in his latest piece, a diorama that stretches two and a half feet long, depicting a sweet older couple warming up by the fire on a mild winter evening, who turn to see a young fox with brilliant golden fur crossing the ice nearby.

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Jill Thomson

Warm Urban Winter Alberta

Jill Thomson’s Warm Urban Winter Alberta is a journey through the interior and exterior worlds of Albertans in winter. “I love engagement between inside and outside. The warmth of an interior kitchen set right beside the bright, crisp clarity of the snow and the light in Alberta in the winter months,” Thomson says. The scene, depicted on a 40x40 square canvas, shows some of the ways urban Albertans enjoy the winter season, from skating to playing music and baking at home.

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Kathryn Gwun-Yeen 君妍 Lennon

A Speck Among Giants

Growing up in Alberta, things are big and contrasting here. The skies are big, the mountains are big, our seasons are big. These are the things that make me feel humble, and remind me that I’m just a small human in this wide, wonderful world—especially during winter. “That shiver I get, the reminder of being / just a speck / among ancient giants / when I journey west / to pay my respects / to the rock and ice that / birth our rivers.”

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Jason Carter

‘Always Look Up And Marvel At The Beauty Of It All’ Whispered Mother Bear Lovingly To Her Cubs

Known for his bold and brilliant use of colour, Indigenous artist Jason Carter celebrates the journey Canadians make to the Rocky Mountains with the whimsical painting of a mother bear and her cubs at Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park. He finds endless inspiration in this place of natural monuments that he has the good fortune to call home.

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