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The LG CordZero All-in-One Tower vacuum is the ideal tool for those with a home office who are looking to create a clean space.LG ELECTRONICS CANADA

There’s no shortage of productivity tools that promise to help small business owners – or anyone working from home – make the most of their day.

But there’s one simple hack that you may not have tried: cleaning your office space.

“A clean space leads to a clear mind, and this all ties back to the concept of cleanliness having a direct correlation to wellness,” says wellness expert Nadia Addesi. “If we’re surrounded by mess and clutter, it’s harder to focus on the tasks at hand.”

In fact, according to the LG CordZero™ Clean Well Survey,* 90 per cent of Canadians agree that they feel a clean space improves their mental health. The survey also revealed that three quarters of Canadians feel at least some increase in stress when they see a space filled with mess and clutter, and conversely, most feel calmer, more motivated and more focused when a space is clean.

“For small business owners, every day is about the hustle, so productivity isn’t an option – it’s a requirement of the job. This makes having a clean space even more crucial,” Addesi says.

Preparation is the first step to transforming your small business or home office space from creative clutter zone to an oasis of motivation. “As a mental health professional, I observe that many people will avoid engaging in activities that improve their overall well-being if the resources are not there for them,” she says. “People will often avoid having a clean space if they do not have the tools to make the process easier and less overwhelming.” Choosing the right equipment and supplies will set you up for sparkling success.

To improve the cleaning experience, especially for work from home professionals, Addesi considers the three Es: ease-of-use, efficiency and enjoyment.

Her go-to cleaning companion, the LG CordZero™ All-in-One Tower™ vacuum, is a sleek and user-savvy design that ticks all those boxes. The cordless stick vacuum is propelled by a Smart Inverter Motor™ that provides optimal suction power across a range of floor types for an enhanced cleaning performance, plus it boasts innovative features – like the dust bin, which automatically empties itself – makes cleaning efficient and convenient.

“Having easy-to-use tools not only saves time after a long day or week of work but also makes the process less stressful and overwhelming,” she says.

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Versatile attachments make the LG CordZero™ All-in-One Tower™ vacuum ideal for a quick mid-work cleaning break.LG ELECTRONICS CANADA

Once you’ve got smart tools on standby, it’s time to strategize. Working through an intentional cleaning plan will make the whole job more manageable and fulfilling.

“Time pressures are real, and when there’s little time to spare, it’s hard to fit in time for cleaning. As with anything that feels daunting, I always say start small,” Addesi says. Begin by tackling one task at a time. “Vacuuming is a great task to start with because it clears the dust and debris away and the room automatically feels much cleaner, and when you have the right tools, it’s easy to fit into your daily routine,” she says, “Then, when you get into the bigger, more intensive tasks like decluttering or deep cleaning, you’re beginning from a cleaner space.”

The final step to giving your space a neat wellness boost: put everything above into practice regularly in a way that works for you.

For example, Addesi shares her day-to- day workspace with multiple clients and employees and adheres to a consistent cleaning routine to create a welcoming space for all to enjoy.

“I like to clean my office at the end of the day, so that when I arrive the next day everything is in order for a productive and calm experience,” she says, “I start small, I will throw away anything that is left on the couches, chairs or counters. I will also wipe down any mess that is made and spend about five to ten minutes vacuuming.”

At the end of each week, Addesi makes time for a deeper clean, including sanitizing, laundry and restocking supplies. “I also spend about twenty minutes vacuuming the whole room, including behind the couch and in hard- to-reach places,” she says.

As with prioritizing any other mental health practice, such as meditation or a walk, building the habit into your day or week can yield the best results. Try booking off time in your schedule specifically for home office cleaning and take advantage of a wellness reset with productivity perks that’s right at your fingertips.

Take a closer look at the innovative design of the LG CordZero™ All-in-One Tower™ vacuum

Tower of Power

The sleek All-in-One Tower™ docking station earns points for fitting seamlessly into any room décor, but it does so much more. It charges both batteries, automatically empties the dust bin every time the vacuum is placed on the dock and conveniently stores extra tools and attachments.

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Big Win

With the press of a lever, LG’s exclusive Kompressor™ technology compresses collected dirt and debris to create more capacity without emptying the bin.

Double Time

The LG CordZero™ All-in-One Tower™ vacuum comes with two rechargeable, detachable batteries so you can clean and charge at the same time for up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted performance.*

Going Places

Designed for optimal portability and versatility, it converts into a hand-held vacuum and comes with a telescopic wand that extends to reach tricky spots, like ceilings and drapes.

Tech Talk

You can use the ThinQ® app to check vacuum diagnostics from a smartphone or track your cleaning history.

*In normal mode without Power Nozzles using two batteries.

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