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Anatoly Karpov v. Evgeny Bareev, Linares 1992 (See diagram)

If you’re a chess enthusiast in Canada, it’s hard not to admire the career of Evgeny Bareev.

The Soviet-born Grandmaster who now lives in Toronto was once ranked Number 4 in the world, and he has notched victories over many top players. He continues to hold the title of Canadian champion and is far and away the highest rated player in the country.

How does Black finish off the former world champ?The Globe and Mail

But at 54, Bareev is now philosophical about his chess career and his life choices.

“I think maybe I didn’t get enough different skills,” he says. “That makes me very sad.”

Bareev was sent to a boarding school in Moscow at the age of nine, and at 15 he was the world’s Under-16 champion. He steadily improved and was soon in the top echelons of international competition, even vying to be a candidate for world champion.

But age catches up with every player, and by 40 he was exiting professional chess. He says he wishes he had taken a more diversified approach to his education.

Bareev moved to Canada in 2006 and runs his own chess school, offering students the opportunity to learn from someone who once coached Russia’s junior, women’s and men’s national teams.


Black played 55. ... Rd2 which puts the squeeze on Karpov. After 56. Kh3 Qf1+ 57. Qg2 Rxf2 White resigned.