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Zeng Chongsheng v. Aman Hambleton, Chessbrah online blitz, 2021 (See diagram)

Canadian Grandmasters Eric Hansen and Aman Hambleton have found a unique way to earn a living from chess, but it doesn’t involve playing in tournaments.

The two friends and business partners run a streaming service in Calgary called Chessbrah, which has gained a huge following in recent years. People tune in as they play blitz games on camera, while offering an entertaining running commentary.

In this 3-minute blitz game, Black goes for broke. What does he play?The Globe and Mail

“There’s just no money in (tournament) chess,” says Hambleton, 29, one of Canada’s few home-grown Grandmasters. He made a concerted effort to get the title in 2017, because he knew it would help people take him more seriously as a commentator and a streamer.

The two friends began travelling the world a decade ago, playing in tournaments and trying to improve their game. At first they began streaming just for fun, but eventually realized it could be a full-time business.

Chessbrah has more than 250,000 followers on Twitch. Fans can buy subscriptions, buy merchandise or donate directly to the stream. The Chessbrah Youtube channel also has more than a quarter of a million subscribers, and some videos get more than a million views.

Hambleton loves every minute of it: “I enjoy entertaining and speaking to a large audience.”


To the delight of his Chessbrah fans, Black played 19. ... Nxf2 20.Kxf2 Qe3+ 21.Kxe3 Bd4+ 22.Kf3 Ne5 mate.