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From her home in Toronto, Anna Burtasova plays a key role for the Swiss-based International Chess Federation (FIDE).

The professional chess player turned journalist manages the website and social media feeds for the international governing body of the game. FIDE is one of the largest sports organizations in the world, with 195 national federations as affiliate members.

Burtasova was born in the former Soviet Union and began rapidly improving her chess game after starting to play at the age of six. She gained an international master’s title and finally became a women’s grandmaster in 2009 at the age of 22.

But Russia has many strong players, and Burtasova decided she would branch out by writing articles and engaging in chess broadcasting. When she moved to Canada, she scored a job with the biggest chess organization in the world.

FIDE’s president is Arkady Dvorkovich, a former deputy prime minister of Russia, and sometimes the organization is seen as a microcosm of world politics. But Burtasova says Dvorkovich and other FIDE officials have one thing in common.

“He’s a big fan, and that’s what I like. They want to do something good for chess because they all love the game.”

Anna Burtasova v Valentina Gunina, Russia, 2006

The Globe and Mail

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