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The Globe Bordeaux Cruise abounds with spectacular tasting experiences at Chateaux Clinet, Guiraud, Gruaud Larose, Laurent-Perrier, Medoc Premier Cru Chateau Margaux and more.Shutterstock

You have previously co-hosted a few cruises for The Globe. From your experience what makes them special?

The Globe and Mail cruises are special for myriad reasons; from the routes chosen to the customization of the program to the exclusive opportunities included therein. For me though, it is the interaction between the journalists and our readers that sets the trips apart. For all the planning we do, the trips come to life through the spontaneous moments of connection and conversation with our guests. Over the shared journey we are able to follow threads of interest, build narratives, and fully-develop discussions over time. I always come away inspired.

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Bordeaux’s regional cuisine includes the vanilla-scented pastries cannelés de Bordeaux and maritime-inspired creations.Shutterstock

You were on an early tour through Bordeaux to research this particular cruise. Are there highlights that you are particularly excited about?

When planning the Bordeaux trip, all of us were struck by the incomparable scale and beauty of the vineyards we visited. They are truly without analogue. Wineries dot the rolling landscape like jewels, each chateau a discovery unto itself with a singular character, approach and style. I'm particularly excited to return to Champagne, in an excursion unique to The Globe and Mail, to visit Laurent-Perrier. Still family-owned, the storied house is usually closed to the public, and I'm honoured that they'll be opening their doors to us.

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Tara O’Brady is the author of the bestselling cookbook Seven Spoons and the award-winning site of the same name. A food writer for The Globe and Mail, O’Brady is also one of the culinary hosts for the upcoming Globe Bordeaux River Cruise. Learn more at GlobeBordeauxCruise.comSUPPLIED

As a food writer you must be looking forward to the culinary and wine-pairing experience. What stands out about Bordeaux cuisine?

Bordeaux is of course known for its wine, but there is a regional cuisine I’m excited to share with our guests. When we were in Bordeaux last May, we caught the tail of white asparagus season — the fat, tender spears were sublime with a classic hollandaise or buerre blanc. On the tour, we will be hunting for truffles with a local guide, and hopefully in the market we’ll see cepes from the nearby maritime pine forests. On the sweet end, I intend to seek out as many cannelés de Bordeaux as I can — vanilla-scented custard pastries, baked in crenelated molds — as well as a few dunes blanches in Arcachon, the local, ethereal take on a cream puff.

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