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Whether you only wish to block particular apps at certain times or are looking for just that extra nudge to stay away from your phone, these apps will help.


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The gamified “casual lock” mode has you determine how long you want to stay off your phone and tracks how long you manage to stay away from apps. But you can bail at any moment. For more hardcore addicts, there’s “full lock” mode, which allows you to shut yourself out of your phone for however long you want to set the timer. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to receive calls.


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Sometimes knowing is half the battle. Moment tracks how much you use your device each day, and if the shock of finding out which apps you use most and for how long doesn’t curb your addiction, the app allows you to set limits on particular apps and will send alerts when you exceed them. For anyone who’s really struggling, there is even a coaching function for advice on how to use your phone less.


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Need an added bit of motivation to stay away from your apps? Forest provides it. Once you open the app and set a timer, a seed is planted and a digital tree begins to grow. If you decide to try to open another app, Forest will send you a message saying that if you do your tree will die. The alert can be just enough of a nudge to make sure you stick to your goal time.


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This app includes customizable modes such as Work, Family and Me Time that let you block certain apps at specific times (no Facebook during work time, for example) and lets you block calls and texts. Notifications tempting you too much? You can block them, too. You can even set up custom auto-replies to let people know when you’ll be back on your phone.


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Find yourself addicted to Twitter at dinnertime? Scrolling through Instagram too much in the morning? Appdetox allows you to establish your own boundaries on an app-by-app basis, including the day and time. Maybe you still want Instagram on the weekends but want to block e-mail? Go for it. Rather than going cold turkey, this app allows you to identify the worst time-sucks in your life and limit them as you choose.

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