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Mark Plotkin v Hans Jung, Banff Open, 2021 (See diagram)

For 23-year-old Mark Plotkin of Toronto, the pandemic opened the door to a successful career opportunity coaching students in the game of chess.

Plotkin, an international master and one of Canada’s top dozen players, had done some in-person coaching before, but found he was spending most of his time commuting across the greater Toronto area. With everyone suddenly staying home, he moved his teaching online and found the demand began to mushroom.

While many of his friends were scrambling to hold onto their jobs or applying for government assistance, he was suddenly in an enviable position.

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“It was like the only job that was reliable was mine,” he says. Now he teaches about 40 hours a week, with students spread across North America.

Plotkin advertises his services on a site that features hundreds of titled players from around the world who charge anywhere from $10 to $250 per hour for private online instruction. He thinks his fee of $65 (US) is competitive and attractive especially to Canadians who know him by reputation.

Though he works six days a week at his job, Plotkin also wants to continue playing in tournaments. He thinks the grandmaster title is within reach.

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